Dab Rigs Silicone Honeycomb Nectar Collector

Silicone Honeycomb Nectar Collector

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Honeycomb pattern nectar collector on Puffing Bird!

The silicone nectar collector features the honeycomb pattern on the body. And this colorful silicone nectar collector includes a removable cap for easy transport. Just load up your favorite waxes in the cap, heat the nail and dab away! 

It is made of indestructible 100% food grade silicone. Put it in your pocket or throw it in the trunk of your car this thing is virtually indestructible.

If you are looking for a Nectar Collector and a Silicone one why not scoop up this one!

  • Honeycomb Pattern Nectar Collector
  • 100% Food Grade Silicone
  • Nearly Indestructible Design
  • Travel Cap Doubles as Dab Dish
  • 14mm Grade 2 Titanium Nail Included
  • Length: 4.7" (7.2" with nail)
  • Joint Size: 11.7mm male
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    Dab Rigs

    Nectar Collectors

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    Mini Dab Rigs

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