Nectar Collectors Silicone Nectar Collector With Dab Mat

Silicone Nectar Collector With Dab Mat

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Nectar Collectors(we also call honey straws) are popular in the dabbing scene nowadays beacause of its super compact and easy to use. You may know many types of nectar collectors,  glass nectar collector and silicone nectar collectors are the most well-known types. As we all know that glass nectar collector is easy to break. 

When you are dabbing and getting high, the glass broke suddenly. What a frustration you will be? No matter you have a glass nectar collector or not, you should take some silicone nectar collector as your backup choice.

Step1: Denatured alcohol in a jar;
Step2: Immerse the product then swish the jar;
Step3: Add a handful of kosher salt and shake vigorously to abrade the film away;
Step4: Remove from alcohol and rinse with hot water.

Honey Straw: 7×1.6inches
Length of Cleaning Brush: 4.1-9.4inches
Diameter of Mat: 5.9inches

COLOR: Purple/Blue/Gray

Package Including:
1 × Unbreakable Honey Straw with Water Filtering & Embedded Jar
1 × Adjustable Cleaning Brush
1 × Silicone Dab Mat