Hand pipe Spiked Sherlock Pipe with Emerald Twist Glass

Spiked Sherlock Pipe with Emerald Twist Glass

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This thing can be considered a weapon in some jurisdictions!

(No, not really)

We made the classic Sherlock even cooler looking and much more hardcore.

Each pipe has set of spikes along both sides that not only look cool but make it super easy to hold the pipe, too!

Emerald twisted glass gives a pattern that is out of this world; multiple strands of colored glass are twisted together to make this unique pattern. Starting with a base color of green or blue and adding hints of red, blue, green and black provide an excellent contrast that will surely get noticed!

Hidden on the side of the bowl is a carb hole to provide a blast of fresh air. The deep bowl allows for the session size that you want, you won't need to keep repacking this one!