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    All the advances in weed and how we smoke it have made getting stoned in the twenty-first century almost as much of an adventure as being stoned. Seriously, there are so many incredible ways to consume marijuana that you would hardly recognize some of them. For example, if you've not been around concentrates very much, seeing someone torch their quartz banger to glowing red hot before taking a fat dab of wax can be almost as mind-blowing as the dab itself. And if you're not familiar with all the crazy scientific glass that's been hitting the shelves, something like a cyclone perc bong may seem like the fevered dream of a madman. But with all these awesome advances, it can be really nice to get back to basics with something like a cheap glass pipe or a sherlock bowl. After all, these were popular and beloved smoking devices with good reason. Besides getting you in touch with your inner British detective, sherlock glass bowls are great for enjoying your bud without all the fuss and fancy of bigger pieces. And if you're wondering, "Wait, like, a Sherlock Holmes bowl," yes, just like that. The classic curved look of these pipes is inspired by the man himself, so you can grab one and smoke with all the debonair and suave of Mr. Holmes.

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