Pollen pressers Triple E-Nail: 3D Printed Vertical Version

Triple E-Nail: 3D Printed Vertical Version

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Triple E-Nail: 3D Printed Vertical Version

The triple e-nail is designed to allow for multiple PID controllers for multiple cartridge heaters or heat coils. Now you can press rosin while precision-heating your dab-rig for quality assurance sessions

Features and Specs:

  • Custom American dual e-nail controller with convenient & reliable electronic temperature control
  • Keeps your rosin plates heated with precise temperature ranges for consistency
  • Standard XLR output with custom wired plugs and adapters are easily possible for your cartridge heaters
  • High-wattage AC electronics are


     with a “fast-blow” fuse for safety
  • Made of sustainable PLA plastic material which is a by-product of the sugar industry. PLA is recyclable and even semi-compostable (if buried in soil for a few years or so).
  • Free 2-year warranty comes with each and every controller

    (see terms)

  • *Standard XLR heating coil pin configuration for this controller is: pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground (where pin 1 starts at the 2-o’-clock position and 5 is at ten-o’-clock)