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    Portable smoking implements have always been a stoner's go-to choice. The classic joint is a longtime favorite for its simplicity, convenience, and portability (and now you can even get them pre-rolled, so the convenience factor is through the roof). But it hasn't always been possible to take our favorite smokables on the go with us, especially for those of us that prefer to stick with our plastic bongs and cheap water pipes. Between the practicality/safety of taking your favorite piece with you and the legalities of doing so, most of our favorite glass spends its life at home while papers and dugout pipes get to travel the world (or at least a local hiking trail or two). But with the potent and popular concentrates available to us these days, getting stoned on the go has never been easier. A portable electric dab rig will give you all the power you need to take solid dabs, and all the discretion you need to do it right before you go into the concert arena. Working just like a dab rig, electric nails heat themselves up to just the right temp for vaporizing your concentrates. Portable by design, electric dab rigs also sometimes offer the ability to customize your exact dabbing temperature. Other electric portable dab rigs even do double duty as dry herb and wax vaporizers, so as long as you have a charger or backup battery, you can have a full suite of smoking and dabbing gear all in one piece that can cover some serious smoke sessions. When it comes to dab rig accessories, electric dab rigs have all the same flexibility as traditional rigs. So if you're scratching your head, wondering "what is the best electric dab rig," the answer is simple: the best electric dab rig is the one you customize to suit your needs perfectly!

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