Lighters Triple Jet Torch Lighter

Triple Jet Torch Lighter

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This Torch Lighter is made of high-quality anti-leakage zinc alloy material. The triple jet flame brings much more firepower, windproof ability, and fast lighting than single/double jet flame lighters. You can use it to light candle holder, fireplace. It is also can be used for light dab nails and quartz bangers.

Refillable butane lighter with fuel level window helps to check and refill butane in time, this cool lighter has a refillable valve and flame regulator on the bottom. You can increase/decrease the flame as needed with your finger.

It is perfect for occasions like hiking, camping trip, BBQ on the beach, parks, etc. Pocket size design makes it easy to carry for travel or any outdoor activities.

Note: Not come with butane fluid.