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    We all have that one friend that has a serious problem with pocketing lighters. You get a few hits in, everyone's feeling it, and somehow the lighter disappears. No big deal, you're a longtime smoker so you just grab another one of the spares laying on your rolling tray and the session is up and rolling again. Another bowl in your favorite straight tube bong later, and somehow you can't seem to find your custom Bic lighter. After an exasperated sigh and some digging in your 420 box, you produce one of your old torch lighters. This time you watch it like a hawk, and just as it starts to disappear you realize where there must be a treasure trove of inadvertently stolen lighters: that friend's pocket. Well, you're not about to go losing one of your vintage zippo lighters to the pocket-of-no-return. So you just have that conversation with them again, they immediately realize the error of their ways, and you're on to your next bowl (and lighter fiasco, probably). We've got all lighters and torches you could ever need, so make sure to stock up for those sticky-fingered friends. And if you are that friend, there's no shame, but maybe you should grab a pack of bulk lighters to keep on hand as recompense. It also couldn't hurt to bring a couple of bags of the good stuff, just in case.

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