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Twist Glass Blunt

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The Twist Glass Blunt is now the best option of glass blunts, built to give you a clean hit. There have been many options of glass blunts for many years
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    The Twist Glass Blunt is now the best option of glass blunts, built to give you a clean hit. There have been many options of glass blunts for many years now, but none like the Twisty Glass Blunt. You can now easily have long gentle pulls with your friends as you go through the day.

    This product adds all the favorite features of all smoking devices into a simple, compact, and sexy unit, revolutionizing your perspective about glass blunts. This makes it an instant customer favorite, and that’s why it is the best glass blunt in retail shops today.

    As blunts, pre-rolled joints, spliffs, and cones are becoming more popular, a lot of consumers are now searching for an option that will take the no-hassle experience to the next level. The Twist Glass Blunt is now the preferred option that supports an on-the-go experience, making it feel so much luxurious.

    This product is made up of 5 equal chambers that can hold up to 2 grams of dry herbs. You can easily store for later if you can’t finish the 2 grams. All you need to do is put the caps on. SIMPLE!

    The unique features and functionality of the “Twist Glass Blunt” makes it a better substitute for glass pipes, bong rips, dab bits, rolling papers, or puffing on vape pens. This product is built to allow a cooler hit, giving you a fresh smooth feeling as you puff.

    Although the Twist Glass Blunt follows the working principles of the normal glass blunt, the twist pipe makes it higher in functionality.

    You don’t need to scrape out bowls with toothpicks or bobby pins anymore. The twist pipe is built to easily twist out ash to enjoy your hit continuously.

    Also, you can now quit the stress of continuously lighting your herb with a gross butane lighter. The glass tube of the Twist Glass Blunt allows the cherry to stay hotter longer.

    The innovative design of the cylindrical glass tube replaces blunt skins and joint papers. And there is a reduced likelihood of litter out on the rails.

    That’s not all; The Twist Glass blunt is easy to use too. All you have to do is pack, twist, and medicate. Follow the procedure:

    • Fill the glass tube with your dry herb while twisting the screw counter-clockwise into the tube.
    • Light the end and puff
    • Unload your ash by twisting the screw in the clockwise direction to push the fresh herb to the end.
    • Share with your friend
    • After the first session, place the rubber end cap on the Twisty Glass Blunt to preserve your herb for the next puff session.


    • 1 Twist Glass Blunt
    • 1 Solid Box
    • 2 Rubber end caps
    • 1 cleaning brush
    • 1 mouthpiece

    NOTE: Beware of counterfeit products. These Twist Glass Blunt by BAX are authentic products and they are the best glass blunts made to help you enjoy a clean hit always.

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