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    Looking for a discreet and super-portable way to blaze up your favorite herbs in style? Maybe a glass blunt is just what you’ve been searching for. Modern glass blunts, like those carried by Weed Republic, are great because they feature innovative smoke cooling mechanisms. This lets the user take bigger, smoother rips from these handy glass pipes. The best part is, when you’re done, you can just stick it in your pocket until the next time you feel like breaking it out (unlike paper blunts that are an all-or-nothing event). But how to do glass blunts work? All you need to do is grind up your favorite smoking blend, pack it into the body of the blunt (a lot like packing an actual blunt), light up the tip, and you're up and running. In many glass blunts, the smoke travels through a maze of sorts so that it loses a lot of its heat on its way to you. This means a smoother, more comfortable smoking experience. Weed Republic has loads of glass blunts for sale at great prices, so browse our models below and see what floats your boat!

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