Accessories Vapor Slide - V2 Plus Midnight Black

Vapor Slide - V2 Plus Midnight Black

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Vapor Slide has been focused for the past 3 years developing a product with optimal vapor production while maintaining a leakproof and clean cartridge. The V2 delivers great smooth hits, true flavor, and has a battery that lasts 3x longer than the competition. You can now use 1 product for everything you need with this small, discrete, powerful vaporizer. Use on the go or in any water pipe with a female down-stem! The Higher amperage in combination with our 100% ceramic 1.2ohm core makes Vapor Slide the perfect hybrid between pen and dab. 

The Vapor Slide V2 Plus has everything you loved about the V2 and more!!

New Upgrades!!

1.) Tripple anodized scratch resistant coating 

2.) Reinforced body for extra durability

3.) Larger cartridge slot to accommodate Ccell cartridges

4.) New heat resistant top coil cartridge