glass pipes Wig Wag Glass Marble Fumed Spoon Pipe By Puffing Bird

Wig Wag Glass Marble Fumed Spoon Pipe By Puffing Bird

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 This fumed glass spoon pipe features wig wag on the front of the bowl piece, three dark marbles on the right side of the bowl. The color of the body changes when smokes come through. Large green fritted patterns lie on the mouthpiece.
  • Puffing Bird Spoon
  • Multiple Color Patents
  • Fumed Glass
  • Black Marbles
  • Side Carb Hole
  • Deep Bowl
  • Colored Glass
  • Flat Bottom
  • Length: 4"
  • Width: 2"
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    Spoon Pipes

    Pot Pipes

Feature Of This Spoon Pipe


type of glass created by heating silver and/or gold to a high enough temperature, which releases fumes from the metals. These fumes bind to the glass surface and produce a semi-transparent, colorful visual. The color will appear differently based on whether the light has been refracted through or reflected by the fumed glass before reaching your eyes. Over a period of time, fumed glass changes color because of the exposure to heat from the flame.

Fumed glass can appear to be many different colors, depending on what light is reflecting off the piece and what metal was used in the fuming process. Silver gives a yellow hue, while gold tends to be more of a light pink. However, these are just the colors that the glass can take on when light passes through it. If the fumed metals are applied in a heavier manner, light cannot pass through the glass, making it reflect off instead. The reflection of the light can produce any array of colors depending on the metal used and how heavy the application of the vaporized metals was.


Don't we all want a colorful glass collection sitting in our home looking pretty? This glass pipe features a unique appealing colored patent that would definitely stand out from other blend looking pipes!


This pipe can hold a fairly large amount of tobacco/dry herb at the same time with the "deep bowl" feature.


The pipe is made of extra thick and heavy glass to ensure it's durability and safety, you don't need to worry about your clumsy friend breaking your glass piece in one drop!