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Quick Tips: How to Charge a Dab Pen Without a Charger

how to charge a dab pen without a charger


Ever found yourself all set for a vaping session only to realize your dab pen's out of juice? You search high and low, but the charger is nowhere in sight. Suddenly, you're hit with that sinking feeling - no power means no pleasure.

How to charge a dab pen without a charger, you wonder? It may sound like trying to start a fire without flint or steel. Impossible, right?

Wrong! Let me let you in on some insider secrets. With just the right tweaks and tricks, charging your vape device can be as easy as pie even sans the standard charger.

In this electrifying journey ahead, we'll delve into smart hacks from using different cables and exploiting USB ports on various devices around you (yes, even game consoles!) to harnessing portable power banks when on-the-go.

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Recognizing When Your Dab Pen Needs Charging

If you're a dab pen user, knowing when your device needs charging is key to maintaining its battery life and ensuring a smooth vaping experience. Generally speaking, there are two main signs that your vape pen's battery might be running low: reduced vapor production and flashing indicator lights.

Low Vapor Production and Flashing Indicator Lights

The first tell-tale sign of a dying vape pen battery is decreased vapor production. This happens because the voltage from the batteries can't heat up your vape cartridge's heating element sufficiently due to lack of power. As this happens, less concentrate in the cart gets heated, resulting in lesser vapors.

Besides weak clouds of smoke, another warning signal comes from an often overlooked part of many vape pens - the indicator light. Most dab pens come with these small LEDs near their buttons or at their bottom end as visual cues for various operations like firing up or shutting down.

If you notice your light blinking rapidly whenever you try to take a hit – it’s not just throwing some disco vibes. It's actually trying to communicate something important – namely that it's time for recharging.

  • Vape Pens: In most traditional e-cigarettes or mod boxes which use removable batteries, indicator lights blink around 10 times before turning off once they've drained out.
  • Dab Pens: For dab pens, the number of blinks might vary based on different models. However, consistent rapid blinking almost always signals a low battery state.

You'll also want to make sure that your CBD vape or dab pen is turned off when not in use to conserve its battery life. Most vaping devices come with an option to click their firing button five times quickly as a shortcut for turning them off or on – so this shouldn’t be too hard.

Vape Battery Lifespan and Care Tips

Looking after your vape pen battery is a surefire way to boost its longevity. Here are some handy tips:

Key Takeaway: 


Keep an eye on your dab pen's vapor production and indicator lights to know when it needs charging. Reduced smoke and rapid blinking are signs of a low battery. Also, remember to turn off your vape when not in use - most have a simple five-click shutdown feature. Lastly, proper care extends the life of your vape battery.

Charging Your Dab Pen for the First Time

The moment you unwrap your brand new dab pen, it's natural to want to dive right in. But hold on. Before you get started, there's one crucial step: fully charging your vape pen battery.

Why is this so important?

Just like how a good breakfast sets you up for the day, giving your dab pen a full charge before its first use can greatly enhance its performance and longevity. This process essentially wakes up the battery cells and preps them for regular use.

The Right Way To Charge Your Dab Pen Battery

To kick things off with vape pen charging, locate the charger that came with your device (usually a micro USB or Type C cable). Next step? Connect one end of this cord into the charging port on your dab pen while plugging the other end into an available power source – be it wall outlet or laptop USB port.

Beware of outlets that may not provide the optimal amount of power for your device. As much as possible, avoid using quick-charge ports designed for mobile phones because these could deliver too much juice at once which might damage your device over time. Here’s more about why rapid chargers aren’t always best.

Patiently Wait For Full Charging

Your patience will be rewarded. Once plugged in properly, most pens have an indicator light that turns on during charging - often red or orange - and changes color (typically green) once fully charged.

the battery's lifespan. It might be tempting to use your dab pen as soon as it shows a bit of charge, but hold off. Fully charging it before the first use can actually make your battery last longer.

Key Takeaway: 


When you get your new dab pen, resist the urge to immediately use it. Instead, fully charge it first - this boosts its performance and lifespan. Use the charger provided with your device for best results, avoiding quick-charge ports that could harm your vape pen over time. Wait patiently until charging is complete; an indicator light will typically show when it's done.

Using Different Charging Cables for Your Dab Pen

Your dab pen is your ticket to a pleasant vaping experience. But without power, it's just a fancy piece of tech. Let’s explore the different types of charging cables that come with dab pens and how to use them effectively.

Micro USB Charging Cables

The Micro USB cable is one common charger you'll find in many vape kits. It features a micro-usb connector on one end and a standard usb on the other. You plug the smaller end into your vape device and connect the larger side to any device with standard usb ports - like laptops or wall outlets with an adapter.

If you're familiar with most android phones or e-readers, then you've probably seen this type before. The small size makes these cables portable but they can be delicate, so handle them carefully.

Despite being a less modern option, Micro USB is still reliable and capable of completing tasks successfully when treated with care. But don't worry. Even if it's not cutting edge, it gets the job done efficiently when handled properly.

Type C and Lightning Charging Cables

Moving onto more modern options: Type-C and Lightning cables offer faster charging speeds than their predecessor above thanks largely due to increased data transfer rates – up to 10 Gbps compared to 480 Mbps. This might not seem relevant at first glance because we’re talking about charging right? However, quicker data transmission equates to less waiting around while transferring files between your vape device and computer, for instance.

What sets Type C apart is its reversible plug orientation – it doesn't matter which way you insert the cable into the usb port. No more fumbling around in dim light trying to charge your pen.

On the other hand, Lightning cables are exclusively designed for Apple devices but they've made their way into vaping too. You'll mostly find these included with high-end dab pens or CBD vapes because of their speedy charging capabilities. But remember, while these cables may be robust and fast-charging, not every power source can supply enough juice to take full advantage of this feature.

Key Takeaway: 


Your dab pen's power source is key to a smooth vaping experience. The common Micro USB cable, though not cutting-edge, charges efficiently when handled right. For quicker charging and data transfer rates, opt for modern options like Type-C or Lightning cables; just make sure your power source can supply enough juice.

Creative Ways to Charge Your Dab Pen Without a Charger

There are times when you're out and about, ready for a chill vaping session with your dab pen, but then... nothing. The battery is dead. You forgot the charger at home or maybe it's lost altogether.

But don't panic. Here are some innovative methods to charge your vape pen without needing the standard charger. They might sound surprising, but hey, desperate times call for creative solutions.

Using a Phone's Micro USB Charging Port

An OTG adapter can be used to connect your phone's micro USB charging port directly to another device, making it an alternative way of powering up.

This process requires an OTG (On-The-Go) adapter that allows one electronic device to connect directly to another.

You can get these adapters easily online on sites like Amazon.

To use this method:

  • Connect the micro USB end of the OTG adapter into your phone’s charging port.
  • Plug in the cable from your vape pen into the other side of this adapter.

Note: This may drain power from your phone quickly and not all phones support this feature so proceed with caution.

Utilizing Portable Power Banks

If you frequently find yourself away from traditional power sources such as wall outlets, consider investing in portable power banks which have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and versatility.

Serving essentially as mobile batteries themselves, they allow users who are constantly on-the-go – hikers or long-distance travelers – maintain their devices' battery life even while off-grid by simply plugging them in via USB cables.

Just connect your vape pen to the power bank via a compatible cable, and voila. You're back in business. Portable power banks are widely available from electronics stores or online on websites like Best Buy.

Charging with Laptops, Desktops, and Game Consoles

But you might not have realized this before - yes, you can.

Key Takeaway: 


When your dab pen's battery runs out and there's no charger in sight, don't fret. Get creative with charging methods like using a phone's micro USB port via an OTG adapter or tapping into the power of portable banks. You can even harness energy from laptops, desktops, or game consoles.

FAQs in Relation to How to Charge a Dab Pen Without a Charger

Can I charge my DAB pen with a phone charger?

Absolutely, as long as the connectors match. If your dab pen uses a Micro USB port and so does your phone charger, you're good to go.

Can I charge my DAB pen with any charger?

Nope. Your charger's connector type needs to fit into your dab pen's charging port. Otherwise, it won't work or might even damage the device.


Charging your dab pen doesn't always require its standard charger. We've unveiled some nifty tricks on how to charge a dab pen without a charger, giving you the freedom and flexibility to power up anywhere.

Different cables - be it Micro USB or Type C and Lightning ones - can all come in handy for this task. Remember that phone's micro USB charging port? It could save your day when the vape battery is low.

And let's not forget portable power banks! They're real lifesavers when you're out and about, ensuring an uninterrupted vaping experience. Even laptops, desktops, game consoles are more than just entertainment gadgets – they double as convenient charging stations too!

Armed with these tips and tricks, never again will you have to halt your enjoyment due to a drained battery.


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