Marijuana Mold! What is it and 3 steps to avoid it - The Ultimate Guide!

Jul 29 , 2019

Marijuana Mold! What is it and 3 steps to avoid it - The Ultimate Guide!

Nothing causes a grow operation to go sour faster than marijuana mold. If you notice mold on marijuana plants, you have to take action fast. You need to resolve the issue and learn how to prevent it from ever happening again. We’re here to help!

There are two main types of mold on marijuana that you’re most likely to notice on your plants:

  • White Powdery Mildew (also known as White Fuzzy Mold)
  • Botrytis (commonly known us bud rot)

In this article, you’ll learn how to identify these types of molds on your plants, what to do when you find them, and how to keep from having to deal with them again.

cannabis mold sick plantThis is one of the more painful articles we've had to write! @Grow Weed Easy

Identifying mold on marijuana buds

Some molds, like the white fuzzy mold, are very easy to identify once visible, but others, like bud rot, may be a little more difficult to identify until it’s too late. That’s why it’s so important to inspect your plants regularly and identify any potential dangers it may be facing. 


White Powdery Mildew

White powdery mildew appears just as you would expect it to with that name: it's like it’s growing a little patch of fuzzy white powder in a spot on the leaves of your plants. If you find this white mold on marijuana plants in your crop, there are a couple of methods you can try to rid yourself of it ranging in cost, amount of supplies needed, etc. You can find white mold marijuana pictures online with a simple search.
Here are some things you can try: 


Botrytis (Bud Rot)

Botrytis tends to be a difficult marijuana leaf mold to identify. It starts as a small brown mold that sets in at the base of the stem. Most growers don’t notice any marijuana mold symptoms until small leaves on their plant start to wither, discoulor, and, finally, dry out. If the bud is kept in high humidity, it’ll turn into a decomposing sludge in the final stage, while low humidity can cause it to crumble when it’s touched. You can find this particular type of mold on marijuana pictures online through a simple search.
Here are some things you can do to rid yourself of bud rot: 

bud rot gray mold weed
Bud rot is tricky to catch because of its subtle on-set. @Emerald Report

When are your plants most vulnerable to mold?

While it’s possible for mold to grow on your marijuana at any stage in its life, there are a few occasions where it is more likely to crop up. It’s important to make note of these times so you can be sure to inspect your plant thoroughly during the time it's vulnerable.

The late flowering stage

In the last few weeks before harvesting time, your buds are extremely susceptible to both types of mold. The denser and larger the buds of your plants are, the easier it is for the mold to grow and thrive. As the mold matures and takes firm hold, you’ll notice a discouloration of your buds.
Look for obvious signs of mold, bud discoloration, and sudden appearance of yellow spots on weed leaves.
If bud rot is the mold plaguing your plants, it’s a better decision to just go ahead and rid yourself of all the infected plants. You may think it’s worth it to save what you can, but the only way to save any of your crops is to remove the risk for them to be contaminated. Cut your losses and save the rest by removing and trashing all the infected plants.

cannabis flower rot unhealthy plant Presence of mold can be hard to spot, so make sure you're tending carefully to your herb. @Royal Queen Seeds

When the plant is big and leafy

White powdery mildew is the type of marijuana white mold that thrives in areas with hot, humid conditions with minimal to no air flow. When your plants are at their biggest, leafiest stages they take up more space, restricting the airflow around the plants even more, creating an ideal environment for this white powdery type of mold to grow in.


During the drying/curing process

One fatal mistake a lot of new growers make is letting their guard down during the drying and curing process. They think the hardest part is over and don’t pay as close of attention at a time that their product is highly susceptible to mold. 

Drying and curing your bud the proper way helps to prevent mold from growing. Make sure you follow each step in this process closely without skipping any whatsoever. You also want to be sure to inspect your buds regularly so if anything does go wrong, you’ll know soon enough to take action.

moldy marijuana kush Don't let this happen to your flower! Keep a close eye on it while it grows. @High Times

What to consider when you find mold

If you find mold, you don’t want to quickly act without a plan. Here are a few precautionary steps you can take and things you should keep at the forefront of your mind as you plan how to handle marijuana mold treatment. 


Regularly inspect your plants carefully

Inspecting your plants often is the first step to discovering the mold early enough to save your plant, let alone the rest of the crop. At times when your plant will be highly vulnerable, check it more frequently.


Harvest the whole plant at the first sight of mold

If you’ve spotted mold, that means that 1) the environment your plants were in causes your plants to be susceptible and 2) mold spores have already been introduced to your crops. You’re better off trying your best to save whatever is left to save.


Control your temperature and humidity

The more hot and humid your grow room is, the more susceptible to mold your marijuana plants become. Set up your grow space in a room where you have complete control over humidity and temperature, being sure to monitor them both very closely.


Consider if the plant is worth saving

You want to inspect the plant thoroughly once mold has been discovered. If the plant isn’t worth the effort of saving, you’re better off saving the rest of your crop by ridding the grow space of the infection as soon as possible.

If you’ve found mold, it’s important to act fast, but think it through thoroughly first.

Act quickly, not rashly.

moldy marijuana cannabis herb
It can be hard to say goodbye to your buds, but it's best an infection doesn't spread! @Grow Weed Easy


Nothing can ruin your entire marijuana crop as quickly as mold in marijuana. Marijuana with mold is difficult to deal with but, unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to end up accidentally growing marijuana mold, despite how hard you try to prevent mold.
Unfortunately, bud washing isn’t possible, making marijuana mold removal and marijuana mold control very difficult. While you can research how to get rid of mold on marijuana plants until you’re out of options, it’s far better to just remove the infection and not take the risk of infecting the rest of your crop.

What you learned:
  • Can marijuana mold
  • How to get rid of mold on marijuana
  • Marijuana mold prevention
  • What causes mold
Now that you know how to get rid of mold on weed, here are our final thoughts:
  • Never try smoking moldy weed
  • If you discover bud rot, stop it immediately
  • Remember mold marijuana plants must be disposed of
  • If you find mold marijuana in your crop, inspect the rest of your crop thoroughly

Looking for more tips? Check out this video!

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 Written by: Megan Medeiros | Cover Photo by: @integraherbal

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