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11 Best Helix Pipes in the World Right Now | Helix Bowls

helix pipe smoke
The American Helix Grav Labs pipes are a line of one-of-a-kind unique glass pipes made by the impeccable Grav, formerly known as Grav Labs. These pipes are top of the line, complete with the Helix vortex design, which gives the smoke a tornado effect. Harnessing the wonders of physics, the design of the glass is such that it generates the optimum amount, temperature and direction of smoke.  We won't get too scienc-y on y'all, but if you want to learn more, look into Bernoulli's Equation that calculates the motions of fluids. There are all sorts of youtube videos you can check out to learn the specifics, or, if you just want to check out the awesome tornado effect in action you can check out this video!

The thoughtful design of these beautiful glass pipes might mean the price tags are a bit higher, but we assure you they're well worth the investment! Start reading our reasons for why in this list of our favourite 11 Helix Pipes in the world right now!



Grav Labs - Helix Steamroller - $49.99


helix smoke marijuana

Easy to hold, easy to smoke!

The perfect Helix shape of this hand pipe makes it the perfect steamroller. With the famous Helix pipe tornado design, you can have all the joy of a steamroller with the added cooling benefit of the classic Helix air chamber. This steamroller is constructed of the same high-quality Helix glass as all their other impeccable pipes, just at a smaller size and lower cost.


What we love! 

  • Small size
  • Smooth, huge rips thanks to the Helix vortex design
  • Low price
  • High-quality construction
  • Best of both worlds between a steamroller and a Helix pipe



Grav Labs - Helix Bubbler Multi-Pack 3-in-1 - $99.99


helix high cannabis

One, two, three - let's go! 

The Helix 3 in 1 pipe is the ultimate pipe of the entire Helix glass pipes collection. With the option of making this pipe into 3 individual pipes, you’ll have more options out of one pipe than ever before. The singular base piece can be connected to three different bowls to make it 1) a one-hitter, 2) a classic Helix spoon pipe, and 3) a Helix water pipe (bubbler). The bubbler is an essential part of the Helix signature series, and this set allows you to try all 3 of their most famous pipes in one.


What we love!

  • The many options the pipe allows
  • Both water and dry pipe
  • Smooth hits thanks to the Helix vortex design
  • High-quality construction



Grav Labs - Helix Beaker - $159.99


glass beaker bong

She's more than just beauty, the Helix Beaker Bong will ensure a fantastic smoke!

This Helix nano beaker is an excellent little bong with a showerhead downstem, taster bowl, and, of course, Helix’s unmatched vortex design. This piece is the perfect bong for any occasion, being small in size, easy to hold, and you don’t have to load a big bowl to use it. This cool bong bowl functions best with just 2” of water in the bottom. Light up your herb, generate some activity with a deep breath, and let the tornado effect swirl through the venturi chamber and straight into your system. You won’t regret choosing this Helix down pipe for your go-to bong.


What we love about these helix bongs!

  • Quality Helix construction
  • Helix vortex design and a showerhead downstem, making for smooth, cool rips
  • Easy to hold
  • Small size



Grav Labs - Helix Chillum Hand Pipe - $24.99


grav glass helix chillum

Keep things simple with Grav's glass chillum.

The Helix Chillum pipe is the most affordable and one of the smallest pipes in Helix’s collection. Barely taller than your average lighter, this mini Helix pipe is highly portable and easy to hold. But don't let its size fool you! The venturi chamber is still perfectly shaped, as can be expected from Grav Labs, meaning your tokes are just as meaningful. It’s basically a pocket-sized Helix rocket. Its small size and taster bowl make it perfect for taking a quick hit on the go.


What we love about these teeny tiny Helix bongs!

  • Small size making for easy portability
  • Classic Helix vortex design
  • Affordable price
  • Quality construction



Grav Labs - Helix Classic - $79.99


glass high cannabis

Easy to tote and toke!

The classic Helix spoon pipe is the most common Helix pipe. It comes with a rather large bowl and, of course, the three micro-holes that create the tornado effect of smoke with every hit. This piece makes the smoothest hits out of any dry pipe on the market. This Helix pipe has been redesigned quite a few times, enhancing and perfecting the Helix shape and performance each time.

What we love!

  • Great smoking experience
  • Easy to hold
  • Nice, smooth rips thanks to the Helix vortex design
  • Large bowl
  • Quality construction



Grav Labs - Helix Solo Chillum - $39.99


chillum smoke marijuana

Smoke like a king with the Helix Solo Chillum.

Add this to your collection of fun smoking accessories! The Helix Solo Chillum is a similar concept to the new Chillum piece, but it's smaller and more portable. It comes in a wide variety of colours, and is smaller in circumference than the original Chillum. Tokers will appreciate that it creates the same amazingly smooth, huge rips that the original Chillum does.


What we love!

  • The small size makes for easy portability and convenience
  • Smooth, huge rips like all Helix pipes
  • High-quality construction out of scientific glass
  • Affordable



Grav Labs - Helix Flare Water Pipe - $159.99


flare water pipe bong

Unique, beautiful and a potent smoke combine in one awesome water pipe here!

This mini bong combines the amazing smoking experience of a Helix pipe (and its beautiful Venturi chamber) with that of a bong. You can’t imagine smoother hits than those that a Helix water pipe can provide. With the added bonus of being able to add an extra percolator, we know you won't regret the smoking experience this pipe provides.


What we love!

  • Sturdy construction - high-grade scientific glass
  • Small size without being too small
  • One-hitter bowl and the ability to replace it with a larger one
  • Unbelievably cool and smooth hits


Grav Labs - Helix Nano Banger 3.0 Rig - $199.99


dabbing bong rig

Looking for a pipe that you can dab with, too? 

Finally, there is a Helix rig! You don’t know dabbing until you’ve taken a Helix dab. This rig is the top of the line, the creme de la creme of rigs. The nano banger is complete with an inline percolator, Helix mouthpiece, and maria splashguard. Watch the magical process that begins at the base of this bong, then the smoke travels up through the venturi chamber. Sit back and enjoy the sweet, sweet flavours of your concentrates!


What we love!

  • Brings the dabbing game to the world of Helix
  • Smooth rips cool enough so you can take the largest dabs
  • Sturdy construction - high-grade scientific glass
  • Helix vortex design
  • Incomparable smoking experience


Grav Labs - Helix Bubbler - $87.99

helix glass bubbler marijuana

Can't decide? You can't go wrong with the classic Helix Bubbler.

This impeccable pipe gives you the same wonderful air tornado that allows you to take huge rips and comes with the large Helix bowl. This Helix vortex pipe is top of the line and will provide you with the cool, huge rips you expect from a Helix pipe. This Helix pipe is the same design as the bubbler in the Helix 3 in 1, but without the keck clip, because it’s all one piece. It’s one of the best bubblers available on the market and one of our favourite Helix pipes.


What we love! 

  • High-quality construction
  • Provides smooth, cool rips
  • Helix shape makes dope tornado vortex design
  • Easy to hold


Grav Labs  - Helix Collection - $299.99


helix smoke high toker

Can't pick just one? Invest in the entire collection! 

This amazing collection contains every piece in the Helix signature series. The only reason it’s this far down on the list is because of its high price tag. If you’re looking to get all of these pipes, though, there’s no better deal on the market. This collection is complete with the new chillum pipe; the 3-in-1 that includes the classic chamber pipe, one-hitter, and bubbler; and the beaker bong with the ability to make it into a double helix pipe.


What we love!

  • The amazing deal on so many Helix pieces
  • The many options this collection contains
  • Quality construction
  • Classic Helix vortex design




Helix has held the reputation of being the best weed pipes and providing the best smoking experience for a long time. Their incomparable venturi chambers create their unique smoke tornado and the coolest, smoothest rips you’ll get from any pipe. Of course, once you've decided which pipe is best for you you'll want to protect your investment with a bag or case. Check out some of our favourites here!


Still want to know more about these awesome smoking accessories? Drop us a comment below!

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