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Is CBD Coffee a Thing? 12 Brands You Need to Try in 2020!

cbd coffee relaxing
There are currently many ways of consuming CBD, the most popular of which is vaping oils, wax and concentrates. The creativity didn't stop there though! It’s no surprise that people began mixing CBD with drinks such as coffee, combining the health benefits and beneficial side effects of CBD and caffeine to give the best of both worlds! CBD infused coffee can help with conditions such as anxiety or PTSD without causing drowsiness or sleepiness. Read more about how to upgrade your cup of coffee from just a typical dark roast to a CBD infused jolt of energy and focus.

How to infuse coffee beans with CBD?

You can put CBD oil in coffee if you have both at home. We recommend using a blender in order to get the best possible flavour. Check out this tutorial:


There are plenty of great CBD-infused coffees on the market if you don't want to infuse your own. Here are a few of our favourites!


Strava CBD coffee - Starts at $21.95 (24 cups)

 cbd coffee organic
With such a quality product it's no wonder Strava made headlines around the country!
This Colorado based company exclusively sells CBD coffee products and have been featured in magazines such as Men’s Health and New York Magazine. They are committed to sourcing their beans responsibly from Colombia and use 100% certified organic beans in all of their products. Several products are available, each with varying amounts of full spectrum CBD and plant nutrients which give the consumer different effects. These effects are: “Calm & Focus”, “Relax & Escape”, “Balanced & Restore”, “Awaken & Excite” , “Renew & Elevate” and “Decaf”.  
The coffee is sold in 12oz packs with a CBD concentration ranging from 30mg to 240mg depending on the product. Each pack makes 24 servings. Dark roast to light - whatever your preferred style is, Sträva's got you covered.
In our opinion, these guys make the best CBD coffee on the market and is currently the only brand offering such an extensive range of products. Strava wins our “Staff Pick” award as a result.
What we love about this CBD-infused coffee!
  • Large range of products
  • Up to 10mg CBD per serving
  • Decaf coffee available


Hempworx CBD Coffee - $69 (30 sachets)

 hemp cbd coffee

Delicious, vegan, gluten free CBD coffee? We've never wanted to pay extra for speedy shipping until this!

Any regular marijuana user will know US based company Hempworx for their 100% organically grown hemp. Their newly released hemp infused coffee uses only natural ingredients and is vegan friendly, gluten free and non-GMO. Each cup of instant coffee contains 5mg of CBD and uses Arabica beans. Hempworx also do sugar-free CBD coffee creamer made from natural ingredients, so don’t forget to check that out!  
Each box contains 30 sachets, translating to $2.30 per cup!
Why we think it's some of the best CBD coffee available!

  • Vegan friendly, gluten free
  • Natural and certified organic CBD and beans
  • 5mg CBD in each sachet



Bean & Bud CBD Coffee - Starts at $19.99

coffee CBD infused isolate

Bean & Bud makes some of the best CBD coffee around! With several options available, you can choose what type of blend you want to sip on. You'll have the choice of 80mg of CBD isolate infused into your beans, 160mg or 320mg of CBD in each bag.

Expert roasting and quality beans sourced from Costa Rica make Bean & Bud stand out from the rest. We love it, and we're sure you will, too!

What we love:

  • Varying levels of CBD per bag to choose from
  • Quality beans sourced from Costa Rica
  • Great price range for the amount of CBD
  • Easy to turn into a cold brew!



Raaw Organic Hemp Protein Powder - €31.00

hemp powder healthy

Based in northern Europe, but shipping globally, Endoca offers a wide variety of hemp products. They manage the hemp plant from seed to shelf, so you know you're getting a quality product.

Among their lines of hemp-saturated goodness is this Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder. Okay, okay, so it's not coffee beans themselves, but this can be added to whatever you normally sip on! Afraid to switch away from your favourite bean? Fear not, for this protein powder, rich in amino acids and healthy fats Omega 3, 6 and 9, stir this in to your morning cup or an afternoon cold brew and let your body thank you later!

What we love:

  • Add it to your favourite bean
  • Endoca manages their hemp from start to finish, ensuring a quality CBD product
  • Amino Acids promote brain and heart health



Osmell K-cup Hemp Coffee - $23.99

k-cup coffee hemp-infused

If you're looking to feed that K-cup-using machine with something hemp-infused, the Osmell k-cups are a great option. Having gained popularity thanks to their delicious 100% Colombian Coffee beans, Osmell ventured into new product offerings including these hemp-infused pods. With zero THC and 100% natural hemp, this cup of joe is a great friend to wake up with in the morning.

What we love:

  • 100% Colombian coffee blended with 100% natural hemp
  • Easy to use K-cups
  • Natural hemp is a great booster, providing essential fatty acids



Green Roads CBD Coffee 8oz - $39.99 (40 cups)

 cbd caffeine coffee

Take the Green Road to a brighter morning!
Green Roads is another CBD giant that has recently introduced its own line of coffee products. The ground coffee beans are sourced from Colombia at an elevation of 1200 - 1800 metres and are 100% organic and sustainably sourced. Each cup of coffee contains 6mg of CBD if following the recommended dosage. If you prefer a lower CBD concentration you can always mix it with regular ground coffee. Plenty of lab results verifying product claims are available on their website.
It is sold in 3 different quantities: 2 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz. In addition to a fantastic product, Green Roads also has excellent customer service judging by the countless 5 star reviews. They also do CBD tea if you prefer something for the late evening.
What we love!
  • Excellent customer service
  • 6mg CBD per cup
  • 100% organic ground coffee



Diamond Chill CBD Coffee K cups - $19.99 (4 cups)

 cbd coffee cannabis

CBD Coffee in the convenience of a K cup.
Coffee pods have become a thing over the last couple decades and it’s no surprise that it is now also available in the CBD world; our favourite is Diamond Chill’s K-cups coffee. Each pod contains 25mg of CBD and takes less than 5 minutes to make, perfect for those early mornings! Lab results verifying their claims can be found on their website. Green tea, black tea and decaf pods are also sold.  
One disadvantage of using these pods is that you require a Diamond Chill Pods machine. We promise you it is a worthy investment if you’re a fan of CBD drinks, just check out the reviews!
What we love!
  • CBD Coffee Pods
  • Beverage ready in minutes
  • CBD Decaf & Tea also available


Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee - $45 (16 cups)

 cbd natural coffee

Looking for simple but quality? Willie's Remedy may be just the thing for you!
Willie’s Remedy is a CBD brand based in Colorado which recently started selling their own coffee goods. Only 2 products are available: Whole bean regular strength (113mg CBD) and whole double strength (250mg CBD). Despite the lack of any flavoured coffee, you can always blend and mix this coffee with other products for a different flavour.
Full-spectrum CBD is infused in coffee sourced from the mountains of Colombia. This yields 15mg of CBD per cup, perfect for a relaxing afternoon!
What we love!
  • High CBD concentration (15mg per cup)
  • Uses Organic Colombian Coffee crystals



Baristas CBD Coffee - $24.95 (12 cups)

 hemp barista coffee

With an eye on the bean, Baristas guarantees a delicious CBD coffee experience.
This Seattle company sells high quality CBD coffee beans sourced from South America. As the company’s name suggests, this coffee is perfect for baristas or just simple coffee lovers because of its smooth pleasant body and sweet taste.
One 2oz pack contains 60mg of CBD, enough to make 12 strong cups of coffee. For the best price, Baristas do a subscription deal allowing you to save up to 50%, so don’t forget to check out the rest of their website!
What we love!
  • Top quality South American coffee
  • 5mg CBD in each cup
  • Good subscription discount



Pinnacle CBD 8oz Coffee - $34.99 (16 cups)

 cbd natural coffee

Pinnacle - known for being at the top of its CBD game.
Pinnacle is a very well known company to any CBD lover for their oils and vapes; they only have one coffee product on offer but with a quality that matches their other products. This medium roast Colombian coffee is sold in 8 oz packs containing a total of 160mg CBD, equivalent to 10mg per cup. There are plenty of lab results on their website that confirms this.
Pinnacle CBD reviews consistently roll in at 5 stars thanks to their legendary customer service! Another reason to buy from these guys.
What we love!
  • 10mg CBD in each cup
  • Excellent customer service
  • Well known company



Canna Coffee Italian Roast - $20 (16 cups)

 cannabis coffee cbd

Feel good about your fair trade morning brew (and not just because there's CBD inside)!
South African company Canna coffee uses roasted Italian coffee beans. Packs are available in both ground form and coffee beans. 250mg of CBD is infused in each 8oz pack, equivalent to 16mg of CBD in every cup. If this is too strong, you can always mix the beans with other brands.
Coffee beans are totally organic and free trade - perfect for a nice, hot mug or a chilled out cold brew.
What we love!
  • 16mg per cup
  • Free trade, organic coffee
  • Available as beans or ground



SteepFuze New Mountain Blend - $48.95 (24 cups)

 cbd coffee infused beans

Choose your grind with SteepFuze's New Mountain Blend.
Founded by Devin Jamroz following a spinal injury from a snowboarding accident, SteepFuze is perfect for those wanting to relax or needing some pain relief. Each 12oz pack of coffee contains 360mg of full spectrum CBD, equivalent to around 15mg CBD in every cup. Their coffee is sourced from Ethiopia and Uganda and is USDA organic certified. We like the fact that you are able to choose the grind of your coffee, the options are: whole bean, coarse grind and fine grind.   
SteepFuze also do coffee sourced from South America and Indonesia. Not a coffee drinker? Check out their range of teas, too!



Conclusion to CBD and Coffee

For some, high doses of caffeine worsens anxiety. Of course, we'll always recommend you go to a doctor for medical advice, but if you're not ready to take that step, trying some of this CBD infused coffee may be a great way to get the jump start to your day that you seek with the calming side effects of CBD. In our opinion, CBD infused coffee is one of the best things to come out of all of the experimenting with CBD products that has been going on lately.

But what if you're not a coffee drinker? That's alright! See above to \"all of the experimenting with CBD products\" - just like there\'s CBD infused beans coffee, there\'s also CBD infused tea! If you prefer a cuppa', we recommend CBD Happy Tea CBD, check out their website for the full list of flavours. Another option could be to add some water-soluble CBD to your favourite / best coffee beans whilst they are brewing in the pot. Whatever you choose here are a few final things to consider when on the lookout for a new drinking experience:


How about CBD and Alcohol?

CBD infused beer and cocktails are slowly on the rise. So far, research has shown minimal side effects, making it safe to mix the two together when used in moderation.


How to make CBD milk?

If you enjoy your coffee with milk, you may want to prepare some CBD milk beforehand so that it doesn’t dilute the concentration of CBD when mixed. To prepare, simply blend some warm milk and CBD oil together. We've got an article on how to do this you can check out, or you can watch this video tutorial: 

So with that, we raise our coffee mugs to this beneficial, delicious new trend in caffeinated beverages! Cheers to starting your mornings out right by combining CBD and coffee!
Have a favourite CBD coffee or lingering questions about other CBD products before you buy? Leave us a comment below!

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