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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Capsules in 2023

cbd capsule cannabis medicinal

CBD capsules. What are these little treasures that both simplify and beautify life? They require a simple definition: CBD capsules are handy little capsules filled with CBD oil. CBD capsules are much easier to dose with than taking regular CBD oil. Because of their ability to simplify what can be a complicated dosing process, CBD capsules and CBD pills are growing in popularity, and we are starting to see companies such as Tetralabs creating more diverse products like CBD gold caps.

We're big fans of CBD capsules, and we think you will be too. But CBD capsules aren't the only way to dose out your CBD, so we're including a number of other fun CBD products that will make your life easier. With so many methods of taking CBD, it's important to find the one that works best for you!

CBD capsules

cbd cannabis capsuleHandfuls of happiness. Photo: @trythecbdcom

CBD capsules are essentially CBD oil placed inside capsules or softgels. They have many different names and are also known as pure CBD capsules, pure CBD softgels, hemp CBD capsules, CBD pills, CBD gel capsules, g relief capsules.

The whole point of CBD capsules is to ease the dosing process. Dosing is a huge problem with cannabis, and oil on its own is not that easy to dose. This is because bottles will list the total amount of CBD found in the entire bottle as well as the amount of CBD milligrams in each dose. This makes it difficult to know exactly how much CBD you’ve taken. CBD capsules, therefore, come in many different sizes or doses, including 100mg CBD capsules, 50mg CBD capsules, and 25mg CBD capsules. There are some very famous brands of CBD capsules such as Gold Caps CBD, which you can find reviews for online.

How many grams in a capsule depends on the capsule you’re taking. We recommend speaking with a health professional intended to diagnose treat and oversee your chosen method of remedy. In general though, if you start off with a small dosage, like a CBD capsule of 25mg, and monitor the effects over time, you should be okay. If your symptoms are not alleviated, then you should try CBD capsules with 50mg of CBD inside it. If this still doesn’t give you the results you're looking for then you should up the dosage.

The main advantage of CBD capsules is that when you eat cannabis or cannabinoids, they’re normally a lot stronger than if you smoke or vape them. This has to do with the way CBD or THC gets into your blood. The main disadvantage of CBD capsules is also its main advantage. The problem with taking CBD or THC by eating is it takes up to a few hours to kick in. As such, if you’re suffering from immediate pain, you may consider taking a different method of CBD. There are many different methods of taking CBD, and we’ve also included them in this article.

A great example of a company selling high quality CBD capsules is Endoca. They offer CBD capsules that start off at just 10mg per capsule, or, if you know you need something stronger, you can purchase their 50mg capsules. Endoca uses hemp that they've grown from the start, so they know exactly what's going into their products. They also have great tips and information on their webpage, so you can learn more about the product itself and dosing options. Based in Europe, Endoca ships abroad.

For U.S.-based shoppers wanting to keep their carbon footprint smaller, CBDmd offers premium CBD Oil Capsules in a variety of CBD strengths. Third-party tested hemp will offer no unwanted side-effects, as it is THC free. These CBD capsules contain broad spectrum hemp oil, meaning that in addition to CBD, a single dose will also contain some of the other beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenes presented to you oh-so-graciously by the beautiful hemp plant.


Cannabidiol Pills

cbd capsule pills dosageFight pain with CBD pills like these. Photo: @dabtabcbd

If you're not interested in taking CBD capsules, then you may also want to consider pure CBD pills. Pills aren’t drastically different from capsules, and in some cases the word capsules and pills are synonymous with one another. There is no real reason why you should take CBD capsules or CBD pills, except that pills are often cut with other products. Whether these other products are safe or not is up for debate, whereas CBD capsules contain hemp oil that is generally regarded as being safe. CBD pills tend to be more affordable because creating a capsule is a more complicated and expensive process. Whatever the form, the idea is the same: provide an easy-to-dose experience for those looking to use cannabidiol pills.

Another reason folks will seek out CBD pills is that they are a great alternative to taking ibuprofen. If you're already used to taking pills like ibuprofen for pain, but you're open to trying something like a CBD pill, we highly recommend getting your hands on some. Cannabidioil pills are pretty potent, making them a great option to fight pain. Pills and capsules containing CBD are also worth trying if you attempted to find resolve in oil with no success since CBD is more effective when eaten vs. when it is smoked.

For trust-worthy, hemp-filled pills, you can always try CBDfx's pills. They've got a low-dosage, low pill count bag you can try before you commit to an entire bottle of pills.


CBD Infused Edibles

cbd gummies marijuanaGummies can be a great way to get your CBD intake! Photo: @greenroads


Since we're on the topic of how potent edible CBD is, another option is to buy CBD gummies or other CBD-infused edibles. The market of edible CBD products is beautifully diverse, so if you don\'t like taking pills or capsules CBD then this is a great alternative! To add to this, CBD-infused edibles like the gummies pictured above can also change the flavour, so if you're among those who don't love the flavour of hemp oil, these are definitely worth seeking out.

Like pills and capsules CBD, gummies and other edibles are extremely potent. Prepare to sit back for a mellow and relaxing experience, that is, after you've given it about two hours to kick in. Once it does though, you're in for up to six hours of relaxation. Don’t eat too many of these, or else you may feel a little strange. While it’s impossible to overdose on CBD, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an uncomfortable experience if you eat too much. Also, eating too many gummies will likely give you nausea anyway, which will probably defeat the purpose of your CBD adventures in the first place.

CBD-infused gummies and edibles are also a very good way to take your medicine if you want to eat it at work. CBD doesn’t make you feel high or affect your motor skills, meaning you can eat CBD at work from your lunch box. Taking a CBD pill or CBD capsules is a little less subtle, particularly the capsules CBD. Taking hemp oil is far too obvious, but eating a CBD infused edible is pretty easy to get away with. This means that you can be dosed up all day long, or as long as you need to be, without having the psychoactive effects of THC that's found in cannabis sativa or indica strains pop culture has had so much fun characterizing.

Serene Tree style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> sells a variety of gummy products. One of our favourites is their CBD Sour Gummy Bears, coming in at 20mg of CBD per bear. These are made from CBD isolate, and they have no aftertaste, you'll simply enjoy the taste of delicious, chewy gummy bears.

CBD ejuice or eliquid

cbd cannabis ejuiceE-liquids come in a variety of flavours. Which would you choose? Photo: @purecbdofficial


If you have an electronic cigarette already and you’re looking for a good way to take CBD, then look no further than CBD ejuice or CBD eliquid. You can find many different e-liquids online, which are basically e-liquids mixed with CBD oil. You can even find highly concentrated CBD oil that you can add to your e-liquids to make your own. You will need an electronic cigarette to vape these with, which can be quite expensive. You can find ones that are mixed with nicotine or you can find 100% organic, pure CBD hemp eliquid. This is one of the best ways to take CBD for instant onset.

One downside to many of these products is that they’re mixed with a chemical that is almost certainly not safe to vaporise. PEG/VG/PG/MCT oil - these are all potential products that could be mixed in with CBD vape oil. This stuff is safe for human consumption, but not safe to vape. It’s highly likely that these products are unhelathy for you to vape, so you should try to look for a CBD vape oil that doesn\'t contain them. These can be quite hard to find, but it will be worth the time spent on the search.

One example of a tasty and healthy e-juice is the OG Kush flavoured e-juice from CBDfx. While we've picked the classic OG Kush flavour, they've got many others for you to check out. Regardless of the flavour you choose, you're getting terpene-rich CBD that's sure to solve any woes you may be suffering from - in a healthy way.  Another plus to this OG Kush flavoured juice is that if you're looking to kick a cannabis sativa addiction, this might just fake your senses out well enough to help you along the way.



cbd hemp oil cannabis

A drop (or two?) a day will wash your sorrows away! Photo: @verifiedcbd

One of the final methods of taking CBD is via classic CBD oil. This is probably the best-known out of all the different methods, and, apart from smoking weed for CBD, it’s probably the oldest. This oil uses highly-concentrated CBD placed inside what is normally coconut or MCT oil. There are a few other options for CBD oils, but these are the two main ones. CBD oil has many different uses and there are a few companies who have become very famous for creating CBD oil. There are also certain strains such as Charlotte’s Web that have become very popular CBD oils.

There are a many different types of CBD oil, but the main ones are broad spectrum, full spectrum, hemp oil, cannabis sativa, and cannabis CBD oil. Hemp oil is often lower quality because it has much lower CBD count than, for example, cannabis CBD oil. This is shifting slightly though, as there are also companies who can make hemp oil with an extremely high % of CBD oil. The main companies who have gained a repuatation for their CBD oil are Endoca, CBDmd, CBDfx, Organix CBD oil, Athro CBD, Eaz CBD oil, Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil, Charlotte’s Web CBD vape pen, Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil, Highland Farms CBD, Medterra and Prestige CBD.

Hemp oil’s main advantage is that it’s legalized more widely than cannabis products that contain THC, meaning it's easier to find. In the UK, for example, CBD oil derived from hemp is legal, whereas if it’s derived from a cannabis plant that isn’t industrial hemp, then you have a problem. Hence, hemp oil is the best option that some folks have access to and its uses are intended to diagnose treat symptoms for everything from joint pain to depression. CBD oil also takes a few hours to kick in, so if you’re looking for instant relief, then you may want to try a CBD vape pen. CBD oil for depression reviews can be found online, and you can take CBD oil and anti-depressants at the same time. The main thing to note for CBD as a depression medication is that it’s not for everyone. It will not work successfully for everyone, but we think it's worth a try!

CBD Flower

cbd cannabis flower growSea of CBD flower - photo: @lightweedispensaries

The final method for taking CBD is split in two:

You can buy strains which are being sold as industrial hemp, but which aren’t really industrial hemp. The main difference to look for is that the plant's flower contains less than 0.2% THC in the UK and less than 0.3% THC in the US. This means no cannabis sativa strains!

Industrial hemp is used for all kinds of industrial activities, but you could not make fibres, fabrics, ropes, or horse's beds using this kind of industrial hemp. You can, however, grind it up and smoke it inside a flower vaporiser. It will also taste pretty good, because they are more modern strains that were bred for taste purposes. You can find this kind of CBD flower in many unexpected places in the world; despite weed being illegal, hemp will be legal (this goes back to the THC content mentioned above). This THC-content loophole allows CBD flower to be sold, enabling people to experience and broaden their attitudes re: weed.

My personal favourite method of smoking CBD flower is putting it inside a flower vaporiser. Besides being a pleasant experience, another massive advantage is that you can use the already vaped buds (AVB) to make edibles again. This recycled AVB means you get a potent round-two with your weed. You can also easily make edibles! Simply mix the AVB with a fat or an oil (simply spread it on buttered toast) and you’ve got a potent CBD edible. This combination is fantastic and is likely to help a lot of people with a wide variety of conditions.

The other type of CBD flower are strains such as Charlotte’s Web. These high CBD strains also have pretty high THC percentages inside them, unfortunately making them illegal in many places. Unless you're in the weed-legal U.S. states or Canada, you're going to struggle to find these types of strains. If you do happen to find yourself there though, you'll probably find these strains in abundance because they’re absolutely fantastic for treating various illnesses, ailments, and symptoms. Their secret weapon? High CBD/THC strains are strengthened by the entourage effect, which states that some things - in this case the various cannabinoids found in cannabis - work better together. You can also smoke these strains inside a flower vaporiser, and the already vaped bud will be even more potent than the industrial hemp strains. In fact, you may feel overly high if you eat these strains because the THC percentage in some of them can be as high as 11%. If you’re feeling very stoned after taking this advice and eating some already vaped bud from a 1:1 THC: CBD strain, then follow this guide to feeling less stoned:

  • Eat an orange, this helps negate the high
  • Go for a cold shower, this wakes you up and makes you feel more alert
  • Drink a pot of coffee, this helps you concentrate
  • Either go for a run, a swim or just take some time to yourself
  • After this, you should feel far less overwhelmed.

In Summary

For anyone looking to simplify their life properly dosing out their CBD intake, CBD capsules contain a clear amount of CBD, making them perhaps the easiest the way to dose properly. Thanks to standard sizes it's easy to figure out how much CBD you need at any given moment. Of course, like most things in cannabis land, innovation is leading consumers away from just CBD capsules. Gummies and other types of edibles can spice up your CBD-intake routine. Oil or vaping are additional options that might be worth trying.

Most CBD products have less than 0.3% of THC inside them, meaning you should be able to find any of the above pretty easily no matter where you are. However, if you can get your hands on a high-content CBD and THC strain you might find that the results are heavenly. Whatever you take, be ready for a high that's über relaxing. It will take a while to set if you don't take an edible, so be patient at first. Once it takes effect though just sit back and enjoy!


Want to know more or have your own experiences with CBD products you'd like to share? Drop us a line in the comments below!

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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