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16 Things You Need to Know About CBD Vape Oil - no7 Will Amaze You!

cbd oil marijuana cannabis
If you’re looking for a great overall guide for CBD and for CBD oil vapes then look no further. This topic is completely covered in this article, and you can get all of the information surrounding this topic from the perspective of the US and Europe. Just be warned: you may be overloaded with useful information about
  • What CBD oil is
  • What the effects of CBD oil are
  • What CBD oil vape liquid is
  • What CBD oil vape is
  • Does CBD get you stoned
  • What the advantages of a CBD oil vape are
  • What the disadvantages of a CBD oil vape are
  • What a 4 in 1 vapeis
  • What CBD tablets are?

Ready? Let's go!

What is CBD and how can it help me?

cbd information marijuana thcA quick breakdown of the basic differences between THC and CBD. Photo: @gaias_wonders

We may as well start with the absolute fundamentals. For those of you who don’t know, there are (currently) two main active ingredients inside cannabis: THC and CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol and, although more and more research comes out every day about the other active ingredients, as of right now the main focus is definitely on THC and CBD. THC is the chemical that makes you feel high, whereas CBD is the chemical that makes you feel relaxed. Although research has been very limited over the last few years because of the illegality of cannabis and hemp, CBD has now been proven to help with the following medical problems:


  • Chronic pain
  • MS
  • Chemotherapy side effects

More evidence is coming to light every day, but it’s always better to wait for the evidence before making any claims. These three conditions have sufficient scientific evidence behind them. Some folks will make claims that CBD is the magic cure for all ailments, but, while they may be right (and we hope they are!), we advise holding off for more scientific research to back up these claims.


What is CBD oil?

cbd oil medical marijuanaWe hear you. Photo: @lori_purehavenlove

CBD oil is essentially CBD that has been isolated and then placed inside some kind of oil. This oil can vary massively, but is usually a Medium Chain Triglyceride, or MCT for short. Probably the most common question associated with CBD oil is: does CBD oil get you stoned? The answer is, it depends. Although many people will simply say no, CBD oil does not get you high, they obviously haven’t tried the CBD oil on the market in California. The incredibly high-strength CBD oil found there doesn’t exactly get you stoned, but you do get some kind of feeling that can be said to be akin to being stoned. However, in general, CBD oil will not get you stoned, but you will feel less anxious an hour or so after use.

CBD oil can be a very effective medicine for some people, and it’s readily available, even in countries where weed is completely illegal. Of course, because cannabis products have been illegal for so long, that means the products that are available aren't as great as they can be. Motivated creators are constantly improving their products, but they still have a long way to go, especially outside of the US. There are a few places in the UK and Holland where you can find your CBD fix, but be aware that their CBD products must come from hemp. This is less than ideal because CBD oil created from hemp is lower quality and will have >0.5% THC inside. As changes in laws are announced by Sajid Javid though, medical cannabis will continue to improve.

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

cannabis hemp oil marijuanaIt’s always recommended to do your research, even if it seems simple! Photo: @angelkissbeautyyy

The difference between hemp oil and CBD oil is that all hemp oil is CBD oil, but not all CBD oil is hemp oil. This means that CBD oil is the overarching term for all products which are predominantly or exclusively CBD oil, whereas hemp oil is CBD oil which has been created from hemp, instead of from cannabis.  As you can see from the picture above, most hemp oil is pretty poor quality, especially when compared to CBD oil. The benefits of CBD oil definitely outweigh the benefits of hemp oil, which can be incredibly frustrating, as hemp oil is perfectly legal in places like the UK, but, CBD oil is not.

What is the best CBD oil?

cannabiniod pure vape
Looking for exceptionally pure CBD oil. Photo:

Unfortunately, in much of the world, the best oil is off limits. This is because it was first created in the US, and importation from the US is highly restricted. However, there are companies such as Active CBD, who make exceptionally pure CBD oil with 0% THC inside, and they package it all into these great little cartridges so you can load it into your vape pen and go! This is very strong CBD oil, and you should definitely take the chance to try it if the opportunity presents itself. It will be more readily available in the future, but for now it’s locked behind federal laws, which don’t allow most people to buy this product internationally.

Can you smoke CBD oil? 

You can’t smoke actual CBD oil straight from the bottle. This would be an absolutely terrible idea, and is completely pointless anyway. If you want the medical benefits from CBD oil then simply take the oil, you don’t have to smoke it. Ok, technically you can smoke it, but it’s seriously not a good idea. It’s incredibly harsh on the lungs and on your throat. You could also put it inside a joint, but again this is completely pointless. However, you can smoke CBD vape oil, or CBD vape oil juice. These products are specifically designed for smoking, or for vaping, and offer the health benefits of CBD oil in a quick-acting format.

Speaking of which...

What is CBD vape oil?

cbd vape oil marijuanaVape oil juice from @lokreevapes

If you’re unfamiliar with the CBD vape oil craze currently sweeping across the cannabis community, then have no fear. We here at Weed Republic will explain everything to you today. Firstly it’s important to distinguish between CBD vape oil juice and a CBD vape juice.

What is CBD vape oil juice?

cbd cannabis juul pod gummiesCBD vape oil juice is super versatile! Photo: @getswole420

CBD vape juice or CBD vape oil juice is basically a cross between nicotine and CBD. Many companies create vape juices out of normal CBD e-liquids that you should associate with electronic cigarettes and CBD. These CBD pods are considered to be some of the best vape oils on the market or best vape juices on the market. Although these are incredibly popular and the mix of CBD and nicotine may work for some people, that is not what this article is mainly about. This article tackles the topic of CBD vape oil more specifically.

What is the best CBD vape oil juice?

cbd peng oil vapour cannabisPeng Vapour has received rave reviews for their CBD-infused products. Photo: @peng_vapour

Among the best-known companies for CBD vape juice, aka CBD e-liquids, is Koi CBD. Koi creates CBD e-liquids that are infused with CBD isolate, thus zero THC, and this information is verified by third-party lab tests which are available online. With many different concentration levels and flavours to choose from, Koi's CBD e-liquids truly offer something for everyone. There are many different companies who offer this service. Many come from Germany, and everyone will have their own opinion on what makes one company "better" than another. Of course there are many reputable options out there, so do your research, try them out, then let us know what you think should be named the "best" company out there!

What are CBD drips?

cbd drip marijuana edible
Drips are a great way to consume CBD oil. Photo: @cbddrip

You may come across this term when you’re researching quality CBD vape products. The concept of drips is very simple. It’s basically highly concentrated CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD - your choice - that can be added or ‘dripped’ into your e-liquid or e-juice. This basically gives you the freedom to make your own CBD juice. This is then meant to be vaped inside an e-cigarette. This is great for smokers or vapers, who want to enjoy both CBD and nicotine at the same time. These could also be called CBD vape additives, as they're essentially an additive for your e-cigarette that contains massively concentrated CBD. You could also simply buy vape juice already infused with CBD - you have options! You may also see this product referred to as a drip vape.

What are CBD vapes and what is CBD vape oil?

 cannabis hemp extract marijuanaDifferent forms of CBD. Photo: @pritchard_lisa

These products are split into two distinct categories. Firstly, there are disposable vaporisers. Secondly, there are the CBD cartridges. Both are incredibly popular in Los Angeles and in California in general, however they are becoming increasingly popular elsewhere. You can sometimes find them in vape shops in the UK. These are legal as long as they are made from hemp, and contain less than 0.5% THC.  You may also see them referred to as CBD concentrate vapes. They are basically high quality CBD vape cartridges, and in some cases are pure CBD concentrates.

These products are cannabis oil that contain either exclusively, or at least predominantly, CBD. The oil cbd is then either placed inside a cartridge, or placed inside a disposable vaporiser system. The user can then toke whenever they want, giving them the advantages of CBD on the go. The biggest difference between these products and, say, your standard medical marijuana product, is the fact that one has 15-25% THC (on average) inside it, whereas CBD vapes have very little to no THC inside them. That is true in most places, however in California a lot of the so-called CBD e-liquid carts actually have as much, if not more, THC inside them than they do CBD.

The best CBD oil pens

 cbd vape pen oil marijuanaW Vapes have some elegant pens. Photo: @wvapes

The best oil pens primarily exist in North America. There is a very good reason for this. Unfortunately, most places in Europe and elsewhere, THC is still a completely forbidden chemical. There is a lot of thought that THC and CBD work together to act on certain medical problems, such as anxiety. It’s the combination of the two which makes CBD and THC such good medication. Both of them on their own aren’t as good as both of them in whatever dosage. Just because something has THC inside, doesn’t mean you’ll get high from it. Thus, you can enjoy a 1:1 CBD:THC vaporiser in California, which will give you massive stress and anxiety release. A great example of this would be W Vapes disposable 1:1 CBD:THC vape pen. These vape pens are inexpensive and highly effective. Obviously, you can’t get these pens unless you’re in California (as of 2018).

However, who knows how things will change in the future? These CBD products are perfect for those who don’t really want too much THC or CBD per cart, but want the full medicinal potential of medical marijuana.  Although these definitely aren’t the strongest liquied CBD pens on the market, they are damn effective. If you’re looking for the strongest CBD vape pens then you want to probably try a 1000mg CBD vape cartridge or disposable vape pen.
The company Pure Haze offers these:

cbd pure haze pen vape cannabisPhoto: @purehazevapes

How long does a 500mg cartridge last?

This is very dependent on how often you take a hit from said vape cartridge. However, in general, you can expect a 500mg cartridge filled with CBD vape juice to last about 2 weeks. This is with daily hits from the cart. As you can probably tell (considering the price of one of these CBD vape cartridges is only about $40) this is much more cost-efficient than buying flower. However, these CBD vape cartridges definitely have a darker side. You shouldn’t assume that they are incredibly healthy, despite what some folks want you to believe. Duration of your cartridge also depends on if the cartridge contains thick or thin oil. If it’s thick oil, it tends to last a little longer than thin oil.

Are CBD vape juice cartridges bad for you?

In essence, they are not bad for you. However, because of unscrupulous tactics by companies, they can be bad for you. Why is this? Well, basically, companies may use thinning agents such as these inside their products:


  • Polythene Glycol (PEG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Coconut Oil

All of these oils and alcohols have been cleared by the FDA as fit for human consumption, so what’s the problem? Just because you can eat something, doesn’t mean you can heat it at a certain temperature and then inhale the bi-products. There is almost certainly bad bi-products when you vape these oils. You should be incredibly careful, therefore, when purchasing these CBD vape oils. CBD vaping may seem safe on the surface, and is marketed as such. But, then again, so were cigarettes. Just be careful, and try to look for companies who don’t use any of these products. These products aren’t really necessary, it’s simply to maximise profits for the vape companies. The same is true of e-cigarette companies. They market their products as safe, but most of their products are stored in one of these 4 chemicals.

There’s another, slightly more sinister reason that these CBD vape cartridges could be bad for you. Now, let me preface this by saying this is certainly not all the companies who create these products. It’s normally the bigger ones, who are trying to maximise their profits even more. However, some ensure that their products are not tainted by this blight. A lot of the plant material used to create these products is grown using pesticides. Now, if you thought that vaping essential oils and alcohols was a bad idea, then just think about vaping pesticides for a second. That’s a surefire way to give you some kind of horrible disease. This is less prevalent in the CBD market, because most of the products are created using hemp, rather than cannabis. Hemp is easier to grow and more widely produced, so the need for pesticides is much lower. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the products are safe. It’s very difficult to know, without lab testing, whether or not the vape oils contain pesticides.

What are the advantages of CBD oil vape pens?

cbd facts cannabis10 CBD fast facts. Photo: @ejuicescbd

Now that we have discussed the potential health risks from practicing CBD vaping, let’s discuss the advantages. First and foremost is that CBD e-liquid pens are quick-acting. CBD oil takes a few hours for its effects to kick in, whereas these CBD vape pens act almost instantly. This quick-acting relief is exactly what some people need. The hour or so wait with oil can be incredibly frustrating, and could lead to people suffering for an hour or so before their symptoms are relieved. That is the main reason these oil pens are so popular. The second main advantage of these CBD concentrates is that they are portable and discreet. Most of them look like e-cigarettes, so people rarely bat an eyelid when you take them out in public. Additionally, the smell is nowhere near as persistent or dominating as a joint or a blunt. This means you can whack out your CBD vape pen and take a quick hit in public, and most likely no one will even notice. The final main advantage of these pens are that they are much more widely available than their THC cousins, and are legal in most (but by no means all) countries. Thus, you can buy a CBD vape pen legally, whereas you can’t buy a THC vape pen legally. This is important, as it means that people have access to cannabis (or hemp in this case) as a medicine today. This isn’t perfect, but it’s a good enough solution for the time being.

What is a 4 in one vape pen?

These nifty CBD products contain all of the different add ons you need to vape the following products:


  • CBD E-liquid, or e-juice
  • Dry flower for those who enjoy a full spectrum cbd experience
  • Dabs or concentrates
  • Medicated oils

They’re essentially the must-have for those who vape 3 or more of these products. For example, if you’re looking for a dab pen or a wax pen, but you also want to be able to vape medicated oils or e-liquids, but also to have the option of vaping some dry flower, then this pen is definitely right for you. This is also a great option as a vaporizer for oil, although be careful when smoking actual CBD oil. Although it’s possible, it’s incredibly harsh on both the throat and on the lungs. Also the products that oil is stored in are definitely not a good idea to vape.

What are CBD oil tablets?

cbd tablet medicalFor a measurable and no-fuss method, tablets may be the way to go. Photo: @summitcbdco

CBD oil tablets are simply oil that has been put into a tablet format. This is the best way for measuring your doses. The tablets will usually be in a mg dose, and then you know how many tablets you’ve taken. One of the best things about cannabis or hemp as a medicine is that it’s very difficult, if not outright impossible, to overdose on these chemicals. As such, you shouldn’t worry about taking too many CBD capsules. Although it’s recommended not to go completely overboard, it’s very hard to make yourself even seriously ill from taking too many CBD tablets. This is not a competition though, so please don’t do this just to prove me wrong. You can even get CBD tablets for dogs and cats these days, as both of these animals have an endocannabinoid system, meaning they can get high or receive the medical benefits from CBD as well.

In summary:

CBD is one of the best options out there to relieve its users from their pain and anxiety without the high of THC-containing products. There are numerous ways to consume CBD and tap into your own endocannabinoid system, and we hope this guide has given you insight that you find helpful as you navigate the world of the hemp plant. With so much on the market it's always important to do your research before consumption. Check out how the products are made. Are there additives such as unwanted chemicals? If so, you could be doing more damage than good. You're already off to a great start though by reading this review, so well-done, you!

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