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Kandy Kush Weed Strain

Nugs of Kandy Kush strain, image courtesy of RIP Verne 420 on Instagram


If you have yourself a bit of a sweet tooth, then you might want to try puffing some lemony sweet Kandy Kush strain cannabis. Kandy K is an indica-dominant weed strain that is often prescribed to induce relaxation and help some people overcome insomnia, so it’s a good marijuana strain for a mellow evening toke. Medical marijuana doctors also prescribe Kandy K for such varied conditions as bipolar disorder, chronic aches and pains, migraines, and sleep apnea; while recreational users can count on Kandy Kush strain for a pretty good overall high. Kandy Kush may not get you quite high enough to knock on the screen door of the International Space Station, say like with hash oil; but don’t worry - you’ll float on okay with Kandy K!

Kandy K Concentrate, image from Soul Jelly Collective on Instagram
(Kandy K Concentrate, image from Soul Jelly Collective on Instagram)


Kandy Kush cannabis, also known as Candy Kush strain or Candy OG, inherits its piney skunkiness and earthy aftertaste from the OG Kush terpene profile – OG Kush being one of its parental pot plants, along with Trainwreck weed strain, from which it gets its citrusy sweetness. Both OG Kush and Trainwreck contribute to Kandy Kush’s 20% THC level – with OG Kush having about an 18% THC level and Trainwreck having a THC range of 18-25%. As far as CBD is concerned, Kandy K rocks 0.5%, whereas OG Kush runs over 3% CBD, and Trainwreck has far less CBD, ‎0.02 – 0.1%. Interestingly, Kandy Kush strain is considered an 80% Indica-heavy hybrid marijuana strain, but its parents are a 55% slightly Indica-dominant hybrid, OG Kush, and a very Sativa-heavy hybrid, Trainwreck, which is 90 % Sativa – one of the mysteries of genetics, sometimes you get more of something that one parent has, and very little from another.

There is a Caramel Candy Kush or Caramel OG strain, that is also an Indica-dominant hybrid and although it has a similar name to Kandy Kush, its lineage is Pre-98 Bubba Kush cannabis (Bubba Kush grew prior to the year 1998) and Ms. Universe weed strain. Caramel OG strain is also known for its sweetness, though it is more of a coffee-flavored sweetness whereas Kandy K is more lemony sweet when smoked, vaped, or dabbed.

Actually related to Kandy Kush, or Candy OG, is Kandy Skunk, a cannabis strain that is another genetic mystery - being 90% Sativa and 10% indica, and which is an offspring from crossbreeding indica-leaning Kandy Kush with 65% indica/35% Sativa Skunk #1. Kandy Skunk has a THC level of 22%, and a musky, skunky smell with a sweet and sour taste when smoked or vaped.

Yet another child cannabis to Kandy Kush is Abba Zabba strain, which is an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid, nearly the polar opposite of its Sativa-heavy sibling, Kandy Skunk. Abba Zabba has a phenomenal THC level of around 28%! A cross between 50/50 hybrid Peanut Butter Breath weed strain and Kandy Kush, Abba Zabba strain has a combined sweet and sour taste, and an earthy and somewhat piney fragrance when smoked, dabbed or vaped.



Nice close up of a Kandy Kush nug, image from Cannabis Catered Events on Instagram

(Nice close up of a Kandy Kush nug, image from Cannabis Catered Events on Instagram)


Kandy Kush Strain General Effects

Kandy Kush Strain Medical Effects (Works for)

Kandy Kush Strain Side Effects

Relaxed 100%

Stress 100%

Dry Mouth 100%

Euphoric 90%

Depression 80%

Dry Eyes 80%

Uplifted 70%

Pain 75%

Dizzy 50%

Happy 65%

Insomnia 70%

Anxious 30%

Sleepy 60%

Loss of Appetite 50%

Tingly 10%

Kandy Kush OG or Candy OG prerolled joints, image from Anna Commenter on Instagram

(Kandy Kush OG or Candy OG prerolled joints, image from Anna Commenter on Instagram)



An offline dispensary or provisioning center would charge you an average of $35-45 for an eighth oz. of Kandy K in Los Angeles, and $50-60 for the same amount of grass in Chicago, IL; also in Chicago you can pick up a gram of Kandy Kush cannabis oil for around $75, or get a Candy OG vaporizer 1g cartridge in Seattle, WA for $45. Kandy Kush strain prices tend to depend on whether you have a state medical license or if you’re buying legally but recreationally – recreational tends to cost somewhat more than medical; other cost factors include the quality of the grow or crop, the availability of particular strains like Kandy Kush, the time of year and your location (plus some dispensaries are required to levy a local or state tax on purchases). Online prices tend to be a bit steeper and you may need to factor in shipping costs.  Kandy Kush pre-rolled joints, where available, can be had for as little as $5 a piece to $15 or more depending upon their size, which normally varies from half a gram to two grams or more. It’s possible that some edibles, edible marijuana, may contain Kandy K, but labels usually don’t specify the type of weed strain used in making or baking the food, usually, they just indicate the level of THC or CBD. But if you wanted to sample the cannibalized lollipops Burien, Washington had to offer – or pretty much any licensed legal marijuana retail establishment -  then you could always ask a budtender or dispensary worker if any of the suckers or other sweet weedy treats were made with Kandy Kush strain.

Kandy Kush seedling, image from No Till Organics 420 on Instagram

(Kandy Kush seedling, image from No Till Organics 420 on Instagram)


Kandy Kush strain grows moderately well inside or outdoors, with a budding, or flowering, time of 8-9 weeks. Growing Kandy K outdoors is admittedly more time and labor-intensive, but the Kandy Kush yield in fresh air and sunshine is as much as 36 ounces per plant! Indoor Kandy Kush plants tend to yield up to 18 oz. per square meter. Kandy Kush or Candy OG plants run about 30 inches tall, so less than a yard or meter in height; and Kandy Kush strain plants are thin with large resiny buds, and spritzed with sweet pine and lemon perfume.

You can buy Kandy Kush seeds online at seed repository web sites like I Love Growing Marijuana which has them at $69 for 5-seed packets, $99 for 10-seed packets and on up; Growers Choice Seeds charges $49 for 5-seed packets, $99 for 10-seed packs, and so forth. You could potentially purchase Kandy K pot plants for around $15-$25 or so per plant at a nearby dispensary or cannabis nursery - prices will probably vary from location to location and it’s always best to consult an online menu and even call, email or text message ahead if you’re interested in a particular plant, like Kandy Kush strain hybrids, to make sure that they have them in stock.


Hot and sticky sweet is what it’s like to puff away on a joint or pipeful of Kandy K weed; like lemon meringue pie fresh from the oven, but with a skunky, piney aroma. Kandy Kush strain was created by crossing the slightly indica-dominant hybrid, OG Kush, with the very sativa-heavy hybrid, Trainwreck, which somehow combined genetically with the OG Kush terpene profile to produce the sweet-smelling and tasting 80% indica Candy Kush or Candy OG hybrid weed strain. Though unrelated biologically, Caramel Candy Kush, or Caramel OG strain, is also an indica-dominant hybrid that has a similar name and sweetness when smoked or vaped. Kandy Skunk is related to Kandy Kush, being a direct offspring from a pairing with Skunk #1, but it is a 90% Sativa-dominant strain. Abba Zabba strain, an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid, and born from crossbreeding Kandy Kush strain with Peanut Butter Breath, is much closer to Kandy K in effects. Much like its parents and offspring, Kandy Kush has a respectable THC level of 20% and is a good medical marijuana remedy for stress, depression, pain, and even lack of appetite. Casual tokers tend to love the sweetness of the smoke and the mellow relaxation that makes it a great before-bed blaze. Armed with the info we just gave you, you could buy some Kandy Kush seeds to grow your own Kandy Kush yield of sweet, nummy nugs… or maybe just pick up the eighth ounce from your friendly neighborhood dispensary to smoke or vape some lemony sweet Kandy K to chill yourself out, and prepare for the warm embrace of a restful slumber!

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