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How Much Does an Eighth of Weed Weigh and What Does it Cost?

how much is an 8th


The weights and measures of American weed might seem mysterious to the rest of the weed wide world who have long since moved on to the metric system while the States still use eighths, quarters, halves and full ounces to measure marijuana. ‘How much does a quarter weigh?’ a Canadian cannabis consumer might ask. British and Europeans tokers and dabbers may wonder, ‘how much is a quarter of weed?’ or ‘how many grams is an eighth’? We are here to answer those questions and more! Clear and concise communication can bring better understanding to the global cannabis community; so, if eighths, quarters and ounces of pot seem alien to you, fear not, we will attempt to alleviate your anxiety… or you could have a little relaxing indica while we go through this! And, yes, this blog post contains a handy chart of weed weights and prices to help give you a good idea of how much weed you can buy for how much money when you are in the US, cannabis shopping at a dispensary or provisioning center.

Gram bag of weed, image from Anonymous Stoner on Instagram

(Gram bag of weed, image source: Anonymous Stoner on Instagram)


It is most likely that if you’re visiting the United States from a foreign country you are looking for recreational weed. More and more US states are legalizing either recreational marijuana or medical pot, or both, but the requirements for medical marijuana merchants usually dictate that their sales are only for state residents - though some states do allow card-holding patients to use out-of-state licenses to purchase pot. Recreational herb, however, is less restricted and so the prices that we give you will likely be recreational weed rates – there is a slight markup for recreational marijuana over medical. Use the Internet to check the current cannabis laws in the city and state that you are visiting – there are a lot of changes happening, sometimes restrictions are dropped or added, the situation in the States with weed sales is pretty dynamic. At least the weights and measures for cannabis are consistent!

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How much is an 8th of Weed Usually Cost?

Cannabis is a plant that can be used for recreational and medicinal purposes. It comes in many different forms, including dried flowers, leaves, and roots. The amount of cannabis you will need to get high will vary depending on the type and form of cannabis. But the question is that how much is an eighth of weed 8th of weed usually cost? However, an 8th of weed  is depending on where you buy it. However, the average price for an 8th of weed is around $40.

Weed Eighth Price:

The weed eighth price has been on the rise lately. Some people are saying that the cost of this drug has gone up too much. Others say that it's worth it to pay a high price for something legal in many states. There are different opinions about how much an 8th of weed  weighs. While the increase in prices may be due to increased demand in the marijuana industry

Price for an 8th of Weed:

The price for an eighth of weed can range from $40 most of the eighth of weed around $30 and $75, but prices can fluctuate based on supply and demand. If you're looking for some of the more potent strains of marijuana, your costs will go up significantly. But even those at the lower end of the spectrum can afford an eighth and enjoy some THC-infused pleasure.

An 8th of Weed Cost:

An 8th of weed cost anywhere from $30-$75 depending on the locale and strain. It is also important to consider the quality of cannabis. The higher-quality buds will usually command a higher price.

8th Of Weed Weigh:

The eighth weed weigh is a major event in the cannabis world. It's a way to measure the potency of marijuana and it's an important part of the cannabis trade. It also has the most THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes users feel high. It is typically used in concentrated form as an additive to other products such as cannabis oils or edibles.

How Much Does A 8th Of Weed Cost?

In states where marijuana is legalized for recreational use, consumers are accustomed to paying a premium for the high-quality product. For those who want to smoke cannabis but don't have the budget for higher-grade products, an 8th of weed can be a cost-effective option. But the question is that hhow many grams is an 8th of weed cost? This amount of weed typically costs under $40 and provides a strong dose of THC.

1/8 of Weed in Hand:

While marijuana remains illegal under federal law, 1/8 of weed in hand have been weighed in hand. The number reflects an industry that is both rapidly growing and more visible than ever before.

With weed in hand, people across the United States continue to break federal law.

In some states, like Colorado and Washington, recreational marijuana has been legalized and regulated by the state. This has led to a discrepancy between state and federal laws, as these states have legalized weed but continue to prosecute people for possessing it.

Under federal law, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug with no medical benefits. This makes it illegal to possess even if it is legal in your state. This discrepancy creates a complex web of laws where people can find themselves on either side of the law.


Sessions will never be the same!


American Cannabis is weighed, packaged, and sold by the gram, eighth (⅛), quarter (¼), half (½), and by the ounce. There are a myriad of laws that vary from state to state, and even by city, as far as how much weed you can buy or possess on your person at any one time, so again check the laws for wherever you are visiting and want to purchase some pot. We’ll start with the smallest marijuana measure and go, well, higher – so, ‘What is a gram of weed?’ 1 gram of weed, which used to be called a dime-bag even though it cost ten dollars and not ten cents, is about the amount of cannabis you’d need for a pipe or a joint. The cost of 1 gram of weed in prerolled joint form is between $5 and $15 dollars depending on the quality of the weed used in making it.  An 8th of weed is the next common level for American weed weights and price; an eighth of an ounce of weed weighs precisely 3.546875 grams, but is generally rounded to 3.5 grams - some sketchier people might try to  pass off 3 grams as eighths, but 3.5 grams is generally accepted - and some more generous marijuana merchants will even give you a ‘heavy eighth’ of 4 grams, especially for first-time customers. An eighth of weed will vary in cost depending upon region, availability, and maybe even popularity – but a good ‘average’ cost for an eighth of weed is $40, most eighths are sold between $30 and $75, ranging from bottom, middle or top shelf quality.

8th oz of weed, image from Dank Budd on Instagram

(8th oz of weed, image from Dank Budd on Instagram)

After eighths, comes quarters and a quarter ounce in grams of ganja comes to 7. The cost of a quarter ounce of weed, say some Platinum Girl Scout Cookies would run you $30-$40 in Los Angeles, another LA dispensary, Foxy sells 3.5g of their Lemon Gelato Sativa for $65 but here in Michigan it is about $50 for a quarter ounce of that particular weed. There are 14 grams in a half ounce of weed, also referred to as a half or half ‘o’; and to give you an idea of the cost of a half ‘o’ of weed, a quarter of Sour Diesel cannabis costs $60 for a quarter oz here in our hometown of Lansing, Michigan, but is only $50 in Denver, Colorado. Lastly, if you’ve even wondered how many grams in a zip were in an ounce - also known as an ‘o’ or ‘zip’ of weed), that answer is that, since an ounce equates to four 7 gram quarters or eight 3.5 gram eighths, 28 grams is an ‘o’ of weed. As to ‘How much is a zip of weed?’ that would be $105 for an ounce of Headband weed in Seattle, Washington or $190 for a zip of the same weed in Phoenix, Az. And if you’ve ever wondered what an ounce of weed looks like, depending upon the size of density of the nugs, a zip is about enough weed to fill a Ziplock sandwich bag, hence the name ‘’zip of weed”.

Oh, and keep in mind that prices are as of publication date and that prices and availability should always be verified by visiting the dispensary web site or phoning ahead.

Here now is that handy chart we promised that concentrates the information above into maybe a more visual representation of weed weights and price:



Approximate Price

1/28th of an ‘o’

1 gram

$5 - $15, usually prerolled joints

1/8th or an eighth ounce

3.5 grams

  • $45 for 1/8th oz. of Tahoe OG in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • yet only $24 for an 1/8th oz. of Tahoe in Portland, OR

¼ or quarter ounce

7 grams

  • $70 for a ¼ oz. of LSD weed strain in Spokane, WA
  • but only $28 for a quarter of the same weed in Colorado Springs, CO

½ or half ounce

14 grams

  • $195 for a half ‘o’ of Berry White in Oakland, CA
  • whereas in Tacoma, WA it is $169 for a half ounce of the weed

1 ounce of weed, aka a zip of weed

28 grams

  • $295 for an ounce of AK-47 pot  in Las Vegas, NV
  • yet a zip of the same weed costs $250 in Portland, OR
An ounce of weed, image from Cloud Cadet 420 on Instagram

(An ounce of weed, image from Cloud Cadet 420 on Instagram)

You may have noticed, if you have read through the online menus of various weed shops in America, that weed weights and prices only go up to ounces, that’s because the amounts that you can buy and sell are strictly regulated by law – you just can’t go into a dispensary or provisioning center in the US and buy a pound of weed because there’s really no place you can legally buy or own that much at one time, but if you could a pound of weed would weigh 448 grams and it would cost in the upper hundreds to thousands of dollars! Marijuana laws, like weed prices, vary widely from state to state, within the state, and some cities are known to have their own local ordinances and restrictions. Generally speaking, eight ounces of usable marijuana on your possession is the law in Oregon, whereas in Las Vegas recreational users have a legal limit of 1 ounce per day that they can buy. Medical patients get slightly better price breaks on weed and slightly higher limits, but there is still strict regulation. Doing a little internet research is key to finding out what the laws and restrictions are, as well as finding or confirming weed prices, wherever you are traveling to buy some ganja leaf. Also, be aware that taking weed across state lines, even from one legal state to another is strictly prohibited.

Costs of pot by state, image from Pay Qwick on Instagram

(Costs of pot by state, image source: Pay Qwick on Instagram)


Hopefully, we have been able to answer any questions you have had about weed weights and prices in the United States.  How many grams in a zip in an eighth ounce of cannabis? 3.5 grams. How much is a quarter of weed in a quarter of weed? That would be 7 grams. What’s a zip of weed? Well, a zip of weed is an ounce and the cost depends largely on what state or city, even which provisioning center that you buy it at. How much is a pound of weed? That would be 448 grams in weight, but there is no pricing for that much marijuana because there are strict limits on how much weed you can buy or possess at any one time in the United States. Weed weights and prices need not be mysterious to cannabis community visitors from Canada or Europe because converting from the metric system is pretty simple as long as you know that there are 3.5 grams in an eighth of an ounce of weed and you just double it for a quarter, double it again for a half and then double it once more for a zip or an ounce of weed. No longer do you have to wonder about the relation of 1/8 ounce to grams or the number of grams in a half ounce of weed, and though prices vary widely at least you now have a basis for comparing US weed weights and price – so consider yourself educated and go ahead and shop around for that half ounce of weed!

Weed being weighed on a digital scale, image from Jordie Cope 98 on Instagram

(Weed being weighed on a digital scale, image from Jordie Cope 98 on Instagram)


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