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Sour Tangie Strain & Peel Strain

sour tangie sativa cannabis

Sour Tangie Strain was created for two purposes: high potency and great flavor. DNA Genetics was not messing around when they created it. This damn tasty strain combines the beautiful flavors of orange sour peel strain peel and diesel to create a strain worthy of the title Hella Tasty. It should be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer because this allows the full taste profile to be appreciated. This will be explained a little further in the article.

This Sour Tangie Strain is sometimes called Sour Tangerine, Tangy Diesel, Sour Tangy, Tangerine Diesel, or Orange Tangie.

This strain should not be confused with Tangie OG strain, Tangie Kush, Strawberry Tangie, Nitro Cookies, Sour Lime Strain, or Tangieland. These strains all have Sour Tangie Strain as one of their parents as well, as, thanks to its orange Sour peel Strain peel smell and flavor, it’s a very popular strain to breed with.

What is Sour weed?

Sour weed is that whose one of its parents is Sour Diesel. The Sour Diesel strain is a very potent strain with a fantastic flavor, making it an incredibly good choice for creating dank strains. This is the main reason that so many strains have the name Sour Tangie Strain in them. Also, Sour strains bong very well because they’re dry and smell great.

sour tangie strain marijuanaA tasty looking nug of Sour Tangie. Photo: @darthcultivar

Sour Tangie Strain: Sativa or Indica?

Sour Tangie Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, leaning 80/20 towards the Sativa side. It has a very creative high, that could also be described as euphoric. If the strain has been left for the full growth cycle, it will taste even better and be even more potent. There are two different phenotypes, one which is more like Sour Diesel and one which is more like its other parent, Tangie.


Sour Tangie genetics

Sour Tangie was created by DNA Genetics, who is a Dutch seed bank and breeders. This means two things: one, that the seeds are available online; and two, that this strain is going to be very good. DNA Genetics is known around the world for having some of the best strains. Sour Tangie brings together two incredibly tasty and famous strains and creates one dankenstein strain, which is a real monster in both flavor and potency. The two strains brought together to create Sour Tangy were:

  • Sour Diesel
  • Tangie

Sour Tangie THC percentage 

The average Sativa-dominant hybrid has around 14% THC content, whereas Sour Tangie soars up to an average of 19%. This is pretty potent, but if its left to complete its growth cycle completely it can test up to 22% THC, which is a whopper. As it’s a potent sativa-dominant hybrid, you should watch out for this strain. As it could leave you feeling pretty overwhelmed. Scroll down to the effects for our advice on how to remedy those feelings.

Sour Tangie price

The price of Sour Tangie would be really high, but thankfully DNA Genetics offers these seeds online. This means growers from all areas can buy them and grow the plant. This drives the price down. So, despite being a boutique, dankenstein strain, the fact that it’s not that new and is fairly prevalent (especially in the coffee shops of Amsterdam) means that the price is around $10 a gram anywhere in the world. If you’re paying more than this, you’re probably getting a little bit ripped off.

Sour Tangie taste

Sour Tangie’s best quality by far is its taste. If you’re a fan of diesel strains and you like the taste of orange, then you’re going to absolutely bloody love Sour Tangie. We recommend that you grind up your buds before you smoke them and that you vape them inside a flower vape. This allows for the maximum taste potential of the flower to be released. If you use papers to roll it up into a blunt it will taste good, but there is some adulteration because you’re burning paper along with the plant material. It’s definitely worth getting a flower vaporizer for this one. The full taste profile of Sour Tangie is:

  • Citrus
  • Orange
  • Diesel

Sour Tangie oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Tangie strains are often used to create oils. That is because they taste great, which is appreciated in a pre-filled vape format. For example, Brass Knuckles have a Tangie flavor, and Space Vape Alien have a Sour Tangy flavor. The other reason for this is that this strain has flavor and potency, which are the two things concentrate creators look for in their strains. Making BHO yourself is also possible, but it’s very dangerous, with some people burning down their houses in the process.

You can use any strain to make edibles. Sour Tangie makes a good candidate for this, as it’s not too expensive. The seeds are also available online, so you can grow a large amount of this to make edibles. The most efficient way to make edibles, however, is to use a flower vaporizer to vape your herbs, as we mentioned before. You can then take the leftover buds and recycle them by mixing the already vaped bud (AVB) with a fat or an oil and then eating it. The most efficient way of doing this is making some toast, butter it, and then sprinkling some AVB onto it. If you decide to make it with fresh flower, then please ensure to decarboxylate your weed first.


sour tangie harvest cannabisLooks like a successful harvest to us! Photo: @tommybrick24


sour tangie nug smoke cannabisBeautiful Sour Tangie shot. Photo: @canna6ix

Sour Tangie General
Sour Tangie Medical
Sour Tangie Negative
Uplifted 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Happy 90% Depression 98%
Dizziness 40%
Energetic 80% Fatigue 55% Paranoia 30%
Euphoric 75% Pain Relief 50% Headaches 25%
Relaxed 60%  Headaches 25%
Overwhelmed 25%

Sour Tangie Strain is an overwhelmingly sativa-dominant hybrid, perfect for dealing with stress. Some people may also find that it’s a good aid for curbing depression, but some people may find the exact opposite. Weed is an incredibly complex drug, and it is therefore unwise, unhelpful, and potentially harmful to advise people that it will always help them with depression. It’s very dependent on the person. Most people prefer balanced hybrids for depression. In fact, this strain is fairly strong and may leave some people feeling overwhelmed and anxious or paranoid, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you’re suffering from depression.

If you do end up feeling overwhelmed, follow this guide to feeling less stoned:

  • Take a cold shower
  • Drink some hot coffee
  • Go for a swim, or if you still feel too stoned to swim, then work out, go for a jog, etc.


Sour Tangie flowering time

The flowering time of Sour Tangie is only 7-9 weeks, which is pretty quick. It’s highly recommended that you leave it for the maximum length, as this allows the diesel and orange flavours to permeate throughout all of the buds.

Sour Tangie growing tips

Sour Tangie is fairly hard to grow, but it grows like most sativas. It’s a very tall grower, so you should prepare for this. You may also need to support this strain with bamboo, or it will start to bend. Finally, you should top the plant, allowing light to get to the bottom areas. Doing all of this successfully will increase the yield.

Sour Tangie seeds 

Sour Tangie seeds are available online from DNA Genetics. We recommend you buy them directly from them; otherwise, you may not be buying the real thing.

Sour Tangie yield

The yield of Sour Tangie is 2 ounces per foot squared, which is a decent yield.

sour tangie grow harvest cannabisA great grow project by @greenhousetreasures.

What is the Sour Tangie strain? 

Sour Tangie brings together two of the best flavours in the cannabis community, diesel and orange. This strain should definitely be enjoyed inside a flower vaporiser, as this gives the best flavour. This 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid gives both a euphoric high and a nice body high. This is perfect for treating depression for some people, and stress for nearly everyone.


  • 20% THC average
  • Beautiful flavour
  • Seeds available online from the original breeder
  • Great strain for use with a flavour vaporiser
  • Moderately difficult to grow
  • Brings together Sour Diesel and Tangie to make a great-tasting strain


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