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XJ-13 Cannabis Strain Review | Herojuana Strain

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XJ 13 Strain is a #dankenstein strain, created by crossing two very popular strains, Jack Herer and G13 Haze. The results were XJ 13 Strain, a sativa-dominant strain with effects known for their therapeutic potency. Sometimes what’s needed is an incredibly strong cerebral buzz, which you will find XJ-13 gives you in good measure.
Be warned of this strain; it’s incredibly strong! It will knock novices and intermediates alike of their feet, should they take too large a dose. However, if you know what you’re doing, then you’ll find XJ-13 extremely rewarding. It is a very potent strain, which is known to help curb depression.
The exact lineage of the strain is unknown, but as it’s a Dutch strain crossed with a Haze strain, it’s likely a West Coast creation.

xj13 weed nug cannabisA sight to behold, photo: @wyldgrownorganics

XJ-13 sativa-dominant hybrid

Sativa-dominant hybrid Haze crosses are known in the cannabis community for one very specific reason: tokers light XJ 13 Strain up when they want euphoria in the mind and complete relaxation in the body. Think of it like you're getting a back rub, whilst simultaneously receiving a head massage, and you’ll know what smoking a hybrid Haze cross is like. XJ 13 Strain will give you enough energy to exercise, or it will fill you up with creative energy which can be transferred into any skill.
Most people think that this strain was created for the same reason other strains were that were mixed with G13. G13, because of its lacking flavor profile, was never all that popular on its own. Bred into a cross though, the effects of G13 can pair nicely with the tastes found in a complementary strain.

XJ-13 cannabis strain genetics

XJ-13 is a cross between

  • Jack Herer
  • G13 Haze

As mentioned before, G13 Haze doesn’t have a particularly strong taste. It’s also an incredibly potent strain that is fairly balanced.
Jack Herer is known for its lemon, earthy taste, and incredibly potent sativa-dominant high. This is why the cross works so well.


XJ-13 THC percentage

This strain is very strong, and as such it has a very high THC percentage. THC percentages are very interesting, and the average strain nowadays is a lot stronger than the average strain in the 1960s. If you’re a seasoned stoner, you have nothing to worry about. This strain won’t send you loopy. The average sativa-dominant hybrid strain is about 13% THC, and the lowest % that XJ-13 has tested at is around 16%. Thus, even the weakest form of this strain is incredibly potent.
However, if you’re a novice, take it easy. At up to 24% THC, this strain isn’t messing around. If you do start to feel overwhelmed, don’t panic. It’s impossible to overdose on weed. If you do feel panicky, it’s best to either take a cold shower or have a lie-down. Having a cold shower is particularly good as it helps you wake up a bit, and stops you from feeling quite as stoned.

XJ-13 price

XJ 13 Strain is considered a dankenstein, boutique strain. Price has gone down over the years as it has been replaced with more potent, danker strains (turns out weed is kind of like trends in technology or designer dog breeds like cockapoos...). You’re looking at spending around $15 a gram in a dispensary out in California.
This strain isn’t particularly popular in Amsterdam; this is likely because the seeds are incredibly hard to come by, and the fact that clippings are only really available over in California and in the US. The price over in Dam would be about $25 a gram. This is often the case with popular West Coast strains. 

XJ-13 taste

  • Lemon (very lemony strain)
  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Woody
  • Herbal
  • Floral
  • Pungent

Similar to Lemon Kush or Lemon Haze this strain was bred for its lemony flavors. These are highly sought after terpenes in a lot of strains, and people often prefer taste over potency. XJ 13 Strain should be enjoyed organically, preferably home-grown, inside a flower vape, after being ground to finer powders using a grinder.

XJ-13 oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You will find this strain to be an incredibly popular choice to make concentrates, XJ-13 waxes, shatters, or vapes. The reason for this is that by far the most popular type of cannabis strains these days are balanced hybrids, and XJ 13 Strain is only slightly sativa-dominant.

xj13 cannabis kush

XJ-13 sativa dominant hybrid strain, photo: @thenewsmoker
xj13 marijuana plant flowerXJ cannabis strain, photo: @heritage.cannabis


XJ-13 General Effects
XJ-13 Medical Effects
XJ-13 Side Effects
Happy 100% Stress Relief 100% Cottonmouth 100%
Relaxed 85% Depression 80% Dry Eyes 50%
Energetic 85% Pain Relief 75% Headache 30%
Uplifted 75% Fatigue 45% Dizziness 15%
Euphoric 70%  Insomnia 35%
Paranoia 10%

Sativa-dominant hybrids are chosen as the best strains for curbing depression. This is because they offer both a blissful, euphoric high, but also a relaxing body high. As such, the mind is free to race, explore, think, discover, etc., while the body feels relaxed and at peace. This combination is perfect for soul searching.
It’s also a perfect combination for getting creative, and as such is a great strain to have before doing work.
You could also give it a try before doing chores, as this would allow you to have the energy to do something boring. If you’re someone who gets a burst of energy from some strains, you could also try  XJ 13 Strain before working out.


XJ-13 flowering time

  • Inside (8-9 weeks, requires topping)
  • Outside (Ready to harvest in mid-October, this strain will only flourish in very hot climates)

This strain is very hard to grow, and it’s a clone-only. Hence, it’s impossible to find XJ-13 seeds. If you do manage to find the genetics of the strain, it works well with hydro, indoors, using SOG or SCROG methods. XJ-13 requires a constant temperature of around 20 degrees celsius. You should expect your XJ-13 strains growing time to be about 8 weeks.

XJ-13 seeds

As a clone-only plant, you will struggle to find XJ 13 Strain seeds. You could find clippings of the plant in the US, but it’s very unlikely unless you’re a grower, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this!

XJ-13 yield

There are some theories that XJ-13 is actually a cross between THseeds’ Puna BUdder and Herojuana Tom’s Herojuana. The yield of this strain is massive. As mentioned previously the exact lineage of the strain is unknown, so it’s a lot of guesswork as to what this strain's parents are. However, either way, XJ-13’s yield is moderate to high.

xj13 plant marijuana strain

@zozcannabis coming in strong with this beauty shot of XJ-13


Although XJ-13 strain's exact lineage is unknown, it’s thought to be a cross between two titans, X13 Haze and Jack Herer, to make one almighty, lemony, sativa-dominant hybrid strain. In summary XJ-13 is: 

  • Sativa-dominant hybrid (60:40)
  • Exact lineage unknown, although thought to be G13 X Jack Herer
  • Two citrus strains x each other = MORE CITRUS
  • Very lemony, citrus strain
  • This taste ushers in a perfectly well-rounded sativa-dominant hybrid high
  • Great for curbing depression
  • Great for creative writing, getting work done, exercise, or relaxing


Have you given XJ-13 a try before? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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