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    Weed Republic is proud to carry Big Pipe as our American metal pipe brand. Big Pipe has been producing high quality metal pipes for decades and is the most trusted name is American made metal smoking pipes. While most metal pipes available online and in your local retail head shop are imported from overseas and made with cheap materials, Big Pipe focuses on the highest quality materials for a metal pipe that will last you a lifetime.

    When most people thing of metal pipes they think "plain and boring", but Big Pipe has created some of the most unique designs to spice up the one of the oldest ways to smoke your product. Big Pipe has designed some of the best selling metal pipes in the US including several glow in the dark metal pipes, build your own metal pipe kits and even Super Kits like the Tar Wars and Smokasaurus Rex for those who like to build. With the variety of colors, styles, designs and features Big Pipe offers a metal smoking pipe for everyone.

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