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    While it can be nice to have a big, fancy bong or expensive arted pipes, those can be a serious drain on the bank account (especially if you're prone to gravity-based accidents after a bowl or two). Cheap glass pipes come in so many shapes and sizes that it's hard to buy just one (especially with these fantastic prices!) You can go with a classic spoon (the standard mushroom-shaped hand pipes you've seen a million times), or something a bit more innovative like a steamroller pipe that offers a straight carb instead of a side carb. If portability is the first thing on your list of must-haves, you've got to try a glass one-hitter. These handy little pipes go by many names - one-hitters, bats, glass cigarettes, chillums - and whatever you call them, they're the perfect little to-go piece to have on hand for your adventures. If you've not used a one-hitter, glass or otherwise, you may be a little curious how these tiny straight pipes work. Basically, they have a tiny bowl on one end that narrows before opening into a larger chamber that you actually smoke through (so the name "glass cigarette" is certainly well-deserved). We've got all sorts of bats, from glass one-hitter pipes to metal cigarette lookalikes. We even have arted and fumed glass one-hitters, so make sure to grab a couple!

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