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    You can get weed in more forms than ever before. It's been turned into incredible CBD cosmetics that will keep you looking your best and feeling great, super-potent CBD wax for dabbing your way to a better night's sleep, and, of course, there are always the more traditional options (as in, full of THC) that you can load up in one of your favorite percolator bongs. What's better is that you don't even have to choose between classic dry herb and modern concentrates; with a good bowl and a ceramic dab nail, you can make one bong do double duty as both a dry herb pipe and a rig for dabbing. When it comes to ceramic nails versus titanium and quartz, the ceramic nails tend to hold heat much more efficiently than titanium or quartz nails. This comes with the trade-off that they must be heated longer and more slowly, so make sure you turn your torch down a bit and keep an eye on it as you heat it up (make sure to heat it up thoroughly on all sides of the nail; overheating one part too quickly can cause the nail to become brittle and possibly to fracture.) If you don't want to worry about how you're heating your ceramic nail, you can always go with a ceramic e-nail to get the job done reliably without the need for a torch.

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