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    The perfect piece of glass can be an elusive thing to find. There could be a gorgeous piece of fumed glass hanging out on a shelf in the corner of your local headshop, but the price tag looks like the down payment on your last car. Or maybe it's a gorgeous flower bong that's as much a great piece of glass as it is a work of art, but it's so expensive that the label just says "Ask about price - serious inquiries only." Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank just to have a great smoking experience. If you don't mind a dry pipe and prefer smoking on the go, you can go with the super durable and portable monkey pipe; definitely check out the Fisherman's Friend model and its built-in storage compartment. But if you prefer a smoother, filtered, stationary smoke session, look no further than our cheap percolator bongs. Whether they're expensive or cheap, glass bongs with percolators function the same way, so why not buy cheap percolator bongs to get the same smooth smoking experience without spending an arm and a leg? We've got some fantastic cheap percolator bongs for sale, so you don't even have to brave the head shop and risk spending an extra $50+ just for the time it spent on their shelf.

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