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    This collection of bubbler bongs features mini bubbler bongs, sherlock bubblers, mini bongs, and more. You can use bubbler bongs as dab rigs or a bowl, depending on which piece you put on (banger or bowl). These do not feature an ice-catch and they aren’t large enough to actually qualify as “bongs,” but their smaller size makes it actually possible to smoke a water pipe on the go! Bubbler bongs are amazing and often cheaper than full-size bongs; they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs as well as colors and materials (glass, silicone, metal, plastic). 

    Bubbler bongs typically feature quite a large bowl and hold a small amount of water. The water cools down your smoke so that the hit doesn’t burn your throat as badly. Due to its smaller size, it’s not as cooling as a big bong with its many percolators, but those bongs aren’t as portable as these cute little guys. Bubbler bongs are often much more affordable, easier to fit with a bong bag, and more comfortable to pass around in a smoke circle. Plus, since they’re so small and affordable, it’s not nearly as heartbreaking when they get dropped and broken. You won’t regret grabbing one of these great on-the-go water pipes. Bubbler bongs are our absolute favorite mini bong style; they’re comfortable, affordable, and often come in very cute designs. Check out our listings below; if you don’t find what you are looking for, check out our various other water pipes.

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