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    There are so many great ways to take your smoking on the go, whether it's on a hike, to a concert, or just to have it on hand as you go about your day. Of course, there's always the classic rolling paper, but those can be a bit obtrusive if you're trying to keep your smoking more discrete. Joints and blunts also basically demand that you smoke them in their entirety all at once. While that can be fun when you want to have a bigger session, the option to take a hit here and there is often preferable for the stoner-on-the-go. If you still want to use bud but don't want to burn through a whole paper all at once, there are herbal vaporizers for enjoying your flower without the need for combustion. One of the most popular ways to take your smoke with you is to grab some concentrates and a dab pen battery. Once you've got a battery and a dab pen cartridge, you're good to take your concentrates with you wherever you go, and they'll fit right in your pocket! You can get pre-filled dab cartridges, loaded with CBD concentrate to help you relax and make it through your day with less pain and stress, or you can get refillable dab pen cartridges and load them up with your own concentrates right at home. Just make sure you know what you're doing and load your dab cartridge with compatible concentrates; if you're unsure, just grab a professionally made, pre-filled pen cartridge and you'll be able to dab safe and sound.

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