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    We're hearing more and more about vaping these days, and not just about those vapes you see and smell every time you're outside of a gas station. The vapes we're hearing about are designed to be used with your fresh bud instead of typical vape juice. But just what is an herbal vaporizer? Herbal vaporizers are a great alternative to bongs and joints, especially for those who find them too harsh, or who don't like the smell of smoke. Moreover, many people who have asthma or simply want a cleaner and healthier way to inhale weed are choosing the vaping route. But how to use an herbal vaporizer? To use a vaporizer simply load it up with your favorite blend and turn on your device, set to your preferred temperature. The device will then gently heat your herb until a smooth vapor is released which you can inhale through the mouthpiece, usually resulting in a quick but deep and lasting high. Herbal vaporizers come in an array of shapes and sizes, ranging from super portable, lightweight, and compact products to more substantial stationary units. Check out our collections of portable vapes and table-top vapes to find your perfect match!

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