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    Dab pendants are quite a uniquity. Have you ever wanted to take a dab on the go but not really been in the position to carry a rig around? These things are for you! Glass dab pendants allow you to carry your dab rig around with you (conveniently around your neck) while also having it double as fashionable jewelry. In this collection, we have dab rig pendants and pipe pendants. Both of these items are stylish, convenient, and make dabbing or hitting a bowl on the go a dream! 

    You can wear your dab pendants as necklaces, bracelets, or just keep it in your pocket. Most dab glass pendants are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket and not be too heavy as a necklace. That being said, that can often mean that they hit harsher and that they get hotter. Be careful when using dab glass pendants, as you don’t want to burn yourself or catch fire to anything. The smaller size means you’re going to have to hold the hottest part closer to your face. 

    Pendant dab rigs are so convenient, stylish, and affordable. They look great and are the most convenient way to dab on the go. If you find that these are too harsh, there are a variety of dab vapes and dab vape pens that allow you to experience a similar on-the-go convenience but not the same. These will hit smoother and won’t get as hot up close to your face.

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