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    We all love smoking great weed. But sometimes smoking can get just a bit too harsh, especially if you have any sensitivities to smoke inhalation, to the bud itself, or even if you just have to be careful with your smoking habits to stay at the top of your game. One great way to reduce that harshness is to grab any sort of water pipe. These handy pipes will filter and cool your hit as you take it, reducing the harshness and other negative effects of smoking. You can't go wrong with any sort of bong, but one of our favorites has to be tree percolator bongs. If you want to remove combustion from your daily "smoke" sessions, you have got to try a flower vaporizer. These are devices made for heating up your bud to the point that the THC, terpenes, and other active compounds vaporize, letting you inhale and enjoy them without the need for any sort of combustion whatsoever! You can get a stationary vaporizer for flower or even a portable flower vaporizer you can load up, slip in your pocket, and take with you wherever good times are had. If you like vaping and also have been getting into the world of concentrates and dabbing, you can even get a combination dry herb and wax vaporizer that will pull double duty in your smoke sessions. 

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