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    If you're looking for a smoother, more comfortable smoking experience, bongs are undoubtedly the best way to go. Classic spoon pipes and joints (and other conventional "dry" methods of smoking) can be very harsh, with the temperature of the smoke damaging both your larynx and your lungs. Bongs, bubblers, and all sorts of water pipes offer a solution to this damage: percolation. By forcing the smoke through some water, these pipes cool your smoke while filtering out some of the resinous tar (the black stuff that builds up inside of your piece - who wants to smoke that anyway?), resulting in a much smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience. Some bongs even take this a step further with the addition of an ice catch. Ice bongs let you drop a few pieces of ice down in the tube of your bong, catching them with one of a few simple-yet-brilliant designs. An ice bong is the perfect choice for anyone looking to really smooth out their smoking experience, making them perfect for people who need to be more careful of their voical health (podcasters, streamers, singers, etc.). Many of these bongs with ice catches also incorporate an extra perc or two along the way - after all, if they're going to help make your hits smoother, they may as well go all out in that effort. Whether it's for the health of your breathing system or just to make your smoking less harsh, these ice bongs are hard to beat!

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