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    If you've smoked weed in the last few years, or even if you just have a friend of a friend who you suspect smokes, you've almost certainly heard about concentrates. Whether it's dabs, wax, shatter, concentrate - whatever you call it, this highly concentrated marijuana extract is all the rage. It's no surprise these concentrates gained the popularity they have as quickly as they did; compared to dry herb, concentrates are significantly stronger, a fair bit cheaper, and available for use much more quickly than most traditional smoking methods. They also come in all sorts of forms, from the ultra-portable concentrate pens you've seen (and probably smelled) at every concert and garage bar you've visited in the last year, to the typical home user's shatter, which is best used with one of these cheap dab rigs or a glass nail that fits in your favorite bong. But if you want to have the portability of vape pens and the affordability of wax, you'll want to grab a portable dab rig. Portable enail dab rigs (basically just portable electric dab rigs) let you use your dabs on the go. You can also get a portable silicone dab rig if you have a mini torch, but an electric portable dab rig will heat itself so a torch isn't needed. The best portable dab rig is always the one that best suits your needs, but an electric portable dab or wax rig is definitely the most convenient option. If you're already into vaping, you can grab a portable electric dab rig box mod to take your vape game a little "higher."

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