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    It's impossible to smoke weed these days without constantly hearing about wax, shatter, dabs, concentrate, and so on. What is this strange, potent new stuff? And what's up with all the names for the same product? Basically, concentrates are extracted, purified versions of the active compounds in marijuana. There are THC extracts, CBD extracts, terpsolates (isolates containing terpenes from hemp), and more, all made from the same incredible plant we all know and love. Some of these concentrates are solid at room temperature, and effectively "shatter" when manipulated (thus, the nickname "shatter" for concentrate), whereas others have a much smoother, waxy consistency that earned its other nickname, "wax." Whatever sort of concentrate you're using, you'll need the right equipment for the job. Dabs are best taken through a rig, whether it's a classic rig (like this silicone dab rig) with a quartz banger or an electric dab rig. One of the best options for your dabbing needs is a quartz dab nail. Although you can also get a titanium dab nail, quartz is a great option for both its durability and its thermal properties. But how to heat a quartz dab nail? Just like with a metal one or a banger, take a torch to your quartz nail dab rig until it's red hot, let it cool for a few seconds, and enjoy your dab quartz nail in safety.  A dab rig with quartz nail is one of the very best options for your dabbing, and you can't go wrong with these. We've got the best quartz dab nails around!

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