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    Defensible. Dish washer. All right. The best silicone bongs with a silicone dab rig combine all the best inhalation from anywhere. Its silicone bongs and oil rigs are easily transported from the smallest places to highest mountains and fold all the way. Take a little of the stuff and store it in the pouch! Most people choose to use Silicone Bongs or Dab Rigs as pipes for flower and concentrates due to their silicon food grade and BPA-free construction that offer many advantages.

    What Is a Silicone Bong?

    A Silicone Bong can offer more excellent utility than a conventional glass bong. There are models having percolators built-in and additional storage compartments. Smokers will love the bong's accessories. Because of its polymer structure, A bong made of silicone is a great choice for those who are looking to get better from their smoking equipment. An investment in a bong that stores are a fantastic way you will be able to achieve this. But they have many other advantages besides their additional attributes. Let's look at silicone pipes' advantages and determine whether they're an investment worth your money.

    Are Silicone Bongs Good?

    If you're wondering whether bongs made of silicone are suitable, then the answer is unquestionable yes. Although glass bongs continue to be the most preferred option for smokers, silicone bongs are becoming famous for reasons. Silicone bongs are a fantastic choice and are known for their various options, be they built-in features or accessories innate to their polymer structure.

    The best characteristics of these bongs stem directly from the polymer properties of silicone. One of the features that smokers love most about silicone bongs is that they're solid and pliable. They are also portable as well as easy to wash. In some instances, they can be found in multiple parts, which means you can take them apart for easy cleaning and transport. Let's review some of these attractive characteristics that make them great.

    Silicone Bongs Are Durable:

    One of the most significant advantages of silicone is its durability, and fortunately for smokers with butterfingers, this quality is also applicable to bongs made from silicone. The days are gone of hitting your bong on the edge of a countertop only to see it break into many pieces. If the bong you are dropping falls made of is made of silicone, not just will it be able to withstand the drop, but it could even bounce. Silicone will withstand much more than abrasive damage in addition.

    It's more durable than other materials like plastic and is resistant to damage caused by the sun or salt for years. Furthermore, it can withstand heat that can reach 600°F. This makes it the ideal material to smoke products like bongs and water pipes. The heat resistance makes silicone bongs easier to clean. However, that's something to be discussed in the future.

    Silicone Bongs Are Flexible:

    As a substance, perfect silicone bong is highly flexible. The fact that it is a polymer allows you to bend and twist it without breaking or snapping. This is often the case for the silicone bong and vice versa. The flexibility improves your bong's endurance as it can bend to take on any severe blows, but it also provides another benefit for your bong.

    Although glass bongs are loved, they are also excellent - you cannot bend glass. This is among the main advantages that silicone bongs offer over glass bongs. It is a fact that a durable bong is less challenging to clean and move around; however, it also means you can adjust bongs to the ideal smoking position for the most effective hits while feeling relaxed.

    Silicone Bongs Are Portable:

    The journey with a glass bong can be challenging. You'll often need to put your glass bong inside a particular carry case, or else take it with care and be sure it's safe. However, bongs made of silicone are easy to carry around. Because of their durability and adjustability, they can easily stored and be put them almost any place, and be sure that they will be secure.

    A few of these water pipes are called bongs for travel made of silicone, and some manufacturers design bongs designed for smokers who are traveling. With these portable bongs made of silicone, you can securely and discreetly enjoy a swig from your favorite herb at any time. For instance, certain bongs for travel, like those from the bongs, are designed to look like coffee cups, which means you can bring your favorite bong with you when walking along the streets.

    Silicone Bongs Are Easy To Clean:

    Clean glass bongs are an extensive process that usually involves acceptable salt and isopropyl alcohol. But bongs made of silicone are the exact opposite of that. They're straightforward to clean. Although you must be extremely cautious when cleaning a glass bong, you can put it into the dishwasher along with your preferred dishes, bowls and cups.

    If you wash your bong in the dishwasher, the main issue you might encounter is the leftover detergent remnants. But if you give your bong made of silicone a thorough wash afterward, it will be ready to enjoy fresh smoke quickly without worrying about breathing in chemicals from the detergent. Or, you can cleanse your bong using brushes. Do you remember the elastic nature of silicone? These pipes of rubber bend and twist, making cleaning by hand as simple as it is. But, this can lead to one of the significant drawbacks that silicone rigs have.

    Smoke pipes made of rubber are more likely to retain smells and residues. The silicone content makes it easy to solve. If you clean the small bongs with the dishwasher or boil it, you can get rid of any smells. Yes, you can boil it for a simple and thorough cleaning.

    Ease of Disassembly:

    In contrast to glass bongs, some silicone bongs are made up of multiple pieces of silicone accessories you can join and remove at any time. Typically, they come in three distinct pieces. This kind of bong is called a three-piece bong made of silicone.

    Whatever number of pieces your bong is dismantled into the disassembling bong is an excellent device for any smoker. When you disassemble your silicone bong, it makes it more convenient to carry around, and cleaning requires virtually no effort on your part. The bongs that can be detachable from silicone offer a lot of value.

    Most glass bongs come with single pieces that make them difficult to maintain and use by smokers. The durable design of a silicone bong enables manufacturers to separate them into various pieces and make them more straightforward for you to use.

    Are Silicone Bongs Cheaper than Glass Bongs?

    Silicone bongs are cheap options for those on a budget. The general low cost makes these bongs ideal for beginners or for those wanting another, more practical bong. This is also a nice gift. Your bong price should not interfere with your cigarette smoking experience though! We provide silicone bongs with straight tube bases and beaker bases which are personalized like the Rasta style in various colors. You might also consider buying Percolators, such as Honeycomb Perc Bongs, which are an inexpensive option for people who are not tempted to spend.

    Are silicone bongs safe?

    Silicone bongs can be smoked without any risk, and are often regarded as a safer alternative due to its durable nature. They are durable and easy to store or fold without breaking, and are dishwasher safe.

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