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    Weed and the ways we smoke it just keep getting better and better. We've cultivated incredibly powerful strains with over 30% THC and others with practically zero THC which are instead full of cannabidiol (CBD); in fact, you can get CBD flower right over the counter in most places! And when it comes to smoking this awesome modern bud, we've got the up-to-date version of classic stone pipes, completely indestructible silicone bongs, and scientifically-engineered, smooth-hitting Helix pipes and bongs. No matter what you're smoking it through, one thing is for certain: you're going to need a 420 jar to keep that bud fresh and flavorful. 420 stash jars are made with your precious nugs in mind, designed to be airtight, smell-proof, and sometimes even UV proof! But do 420  jars hide the smell? For the most part, yes, although some of the really strong smelling buds can still be detected when you sniff near the 420 weed jars. There are small 420 jars if you only keep a little bit of bud on hand or for when you're traveling and don't want to carry your whole supply, and there are huge 420 glass jars capable of holding enough for even the heaviest smokers. Keep your weed as fresh as the day it was picked in one of these amber 420 jars. There are even 420 concentrate jars so you can stop storing your shatter in folded up wax paper and start keeping it safe and fresh! When it comes to top-quality stash jars, 420 jars LLC is one of the best names around.

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