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Straight tube bongs, also known as tubes or straight bongs are a classic, and, in fact, a pretty iconic piece of smoking gear. These are the sort of bongs you always see in movies, on TV shows, and so on; they're truly iconic and representative of smokers everywhere. They are, and always have been, one of the most popular styles of bongs on the market amongst stoners both old and young. The long cylindrical neck leading to the water chamber makes them really easy to hold steady with your hand, leaving your other hand free to light the bowl. A lot of people ask, "Do straight bongs get dirty faster?" The answer is a resounding no, no more quickly than any other bong (in fact, with fewer small areas to clog up, these are easier to keep clean than some of their fancier counterparts). Plus, as with most pieces, the downpipe and bowl are usually removable, making for really easy cleaning. We have a large variety of shapes, colors, and sizes from manufacturers from either end of the price spectrum and in between for you to browse. Your dream bong is just a few clicks away!

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  • 14" Straight Tube Bong with Perc
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