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    The bubbling sound produced using a bong is of a percolator. The Percolator bong in a bong cools the smoke before you inhale it to provide you smoother hits. It performs its function by drawing the smoke through water.

    Tree Perc Bongs:

    The Tree Perc Bong is the classical percolator. It is a tube connected to the upside of the bong; it is attached to arms up high, and these arms move this attachment to the water just like the Tree's branches. The air from below moves up by the central tube to the arms of Perc, and the air enters the water in the form of bubbles. 2 to 3 slits are diffused in each arm. More slits in the percolator cause more diffusion, and you get a smoother hit as diffusion increases. Single, double and triple Tree Percs are available in the market to give you a smoother hit.

    The Science behind the Perfect Tree Percolator Bong:

    To understand the science of a Tree Percolator Bong, first, you need to understand the working of Bongs. The smoke in the bong moves through the water and is drawn through the bong's tube. If you use a bong with any percolator, you might experience a dry or harsh hit. Using a percolator provides a filtration system to ensure a smoother hit.

    Several percolators are available in the market. They break up the water flow, so the smoke is cooled through the chamber. The standard type of percolator is dome-shaped, but many other shapes of percolators are also available.

    Working of Tree Percolator:

    The percolator is mainly located in the bong's tube. It contains water in it and filters the smoke. When you take a puff, smoke interacts with the water in the bowl. The smoke then moves upward and interacts again with the percolator's water. It cools and filters the smoke. The smoke interacts with the water twice, so it gets a better chance to cool down and provide you with a smoother hit. Percolators break down the bubbles by applying pressure on them. This phenomenon also provides you with a smoother smoking experience.

    Tree Percolators generally have 1-8 flow paths. The percolator having more arms has sophisticated glasswork incorporated into the bong. These percolators are difficult to manufacture, so you can rarely find one. As the smoke enters the water, it is further filtered where the herbs are cooled down, diffused and filtered to perfection. After this, the smoke is moved to your lungs by inhaling.

    Benefits of Tree Percolator:

    Tree Percolator small-bongs are aesthetic, featuring branches and a trunk similar to a tree. When you puff through it, smoke moves through the trunk diffuses into the water and gets dispersed in the percolators' branches.

    Tree Percolator is a perfect choice for extra diffusion of smoke through the branches and a smoother and cooler hit. It cools the smoke by producing numerous bubbles and provides a clean and cool sensation. They highlight the taste of herbs, dabs and concentrates and produce a smoother hit. We can use the Tree Percolator either with a bong or a dab rig. 

    Guide for Choosing the Right Tree Percolator Bong for You,

    The buying process of Tree Perc can be pretty exciting. Tree Percolators have tree-like structures ensuring maximum diffusion and filtration. They are durable and provide a clear view of the process as they are made of glass. Many options for Tree Percolators are available, from which you can choose according to your smoking and personal preferences.

     You can choose a straight skinny tube or thick beaker bong with Tree Perc according to your preferences.  You need to consider the following things while buying the Tree Perc:

    • While buying the percolator, keep its material in your consideration. The most common Tree Perc is made of glass. Glass Perc provides pure and clean smoke. The glass is solid and can tolerate high temperatures. you can purchase them in different colors and shapes. Glass Perc are also available in acrylic, ceramic and silicone. You can buy any of these depending upon your smoking preferences.
    • Keep in mind the size of the bong while purchasing Tree Perc. If your Perc is too small, it won't produce effective smoke, while the larger ones can be difficult to handle.
    • Various designs for Tree Perc are available in the market. You can choose them according to your personal and smoking preferences.
    •  Tree Perc is available at different prices depending upon their size, design and manufacturing material. Various high-quality Tree Perc at affordable prices are also available. You must thoroughly search the marketplace or online to find an affordable and suitable perc. 

    Why Every Stoner Needs a Tree Percolator Bong in Their Collection: 

    Tree Perc Bongs are very popular among casual and severe others alike. They have many branches and holes that filter the smoke while you puff. You can enjoy smoother hits without risking the hacking up of your lungs. Most of these are made of glass, so you can enjoy witnessing the process. 

    You can easily clean your Tree Perc Bong using a liquid cleaner. They are better than other Bongs in various ways. Due to their various advantages, they are a must-have in every smoker's collection. They make your smoke cleaner and smoother. When the smoke passes through the Tree Perc, it gets filtered off all the bad stuff so that you won't experience any irritation in your throat. The hole in the Perc causes the bubbling of smoke, making it pleasant to inhale.

    If you are an enthusiast of bongs, you must add Tree Perc Bong to your collection. They help to provide you with strong hits with minimal effort. They conserve your weed as they can efficiently extract flavors and terpenes, which other Bongs usually cannot do. These bongs are aesthetically pleasing. They are available in cool colors, designs and styles. Tree Percolator makes the bong look dope. The bubbling of water provides you with a pleasant scene creating a visually aesthetic experience.

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