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    The perfect piece of glass makes for the perfect smoke session. For some, this means a simple, straightforward steamroller pipe that lets you take huge rips right to the face with none of the fuss or filtration of water pipes. For others, the perfect glass may not be a pipe at all, but one of these super-smooth and efficient tabletop vaporizers that let you choose the exact right temperature to enjoy your bud to its fullest. For many, there's nothing that beats the classic stoner culture icon: the bong. Bongs, like these Cheech bongs, are the meeting point of smooth, filtered water pipes and hard-hitting steamrollers, leading to their popularity in the smoking community. One great part of bongs is their many individual pieces; these mean that if you accidentally break your piece, it may not actually ruin the whole thing, just a small, replaceable piece or two. The downstem and bowl are notoriously in harm's way, so having a backup bowl and downstem is always a good idea. You can go with the classic glass downstem and bowl, or the indestructible metal downstem and bowl option. There are even downstem and bowl clamps to hold your downstem and bowl pieces in place as you smoke. And if you get your downstem and bowl stuck, make sure to remove it with care so you don't end up with glass in your hands instead of your bong. You can even get a downstem and bowl in one, also known as a slide or slider. This bowl and downstem combo usually comes at a low price, so grab a couple to make sure you always have a backup!

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