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    Of all the things to gain popularity in the last decade, two have stuck out head-and-shoulders above the rest: smoking weed and vaping. Sure, smoking weed has been around for a long time and has always had a certain amount of popularity, but with all the legalization efforts being made, our favorite herb has taken root in a much, much larger portion of society than it had before. Part of this popularity is due to the advent of CBD products and their many forms (like CBD edibles, CBD dog treats, and of course, CBD vaporizers). Vaping has also found a tremendous following as vapes have gotten more and more intricate and customizable. It just makes sense that these two trends would meet in the middle, giving us things like dry herb vaporizers and CBD vape oil. We've got all your vaping needs covered, from vape pens to fully customizable box mod vaporizers. We've even got e-nails that will fit on your favorite bong so you can vaporize your concentrates more easily and consistently with precise digital control, and dry herb and wax vaporizers that let you enjoy both concentrates and flower through one convenient vape. There's never been a better time to get into vaping, so grab one of these vaporizers and lose your head in the clouds!

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