Hand pipe Chameleon Glass Sax O Phoon Fumed Sherlock Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass Sax O Phoon Fumed Sherlock Hand Pipe

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The unique scientific design on this sherlock pipe allows the airflow to swirl and cool a bit before reaching the mouthpiece on the end and looks like a sax a phone which is fun for parties. A nice big bowl has the carb on the right. The chamber can fill up for quite a while with the head and three bubbles, which makes the milky spiral typhoon action fun to watch.

Designed in Arizona by Chameleon Glass, this innovative mechanism is nearly all transparent with gold fuming which gives it an elegant appearance during uses. The smooth outer surface and its curvy, varying depth allows for easy grip and two clear marbles that act as legs at the back to stabilize the rounded design. This glass pipe is 10 inches long, but folded sax style at 6 inches and is a good size for several smokers.

Artist: 10.00" (Length) x 2.50" ( Width)

Artist: Chameleon Glass
Made in Arizona