e-nails Enail Controller: "Open Seas"

Enail Controller: "Open Seas"

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Enail Controller: “Open Seas”

An original, top-shelf, USA designed & assembled enail controller setup equipped with one of the fastest, safest, most reliable electric dab rig controllers available anywhere online. Choose your own add on options to complete your dabbing setup according to what you may already have.

  • Unique paint finish makes each unit pop with it’s own individual design — which cannot be duplicated any more than a fingerprint
  • Convenient and quick heating without the use of a butane or propane torch

    (read here about the many advantages of an enail over a torch)

  • Digital controls keep your dab nail at a set temperature range for any specific concentrate
  • Rugged, shock-resistant, hardy ABS plastic enclosure
  • High power AC is protected with a replaceable “fast-blow” fuse for your convenience and safety
  • Designed, painted & assembled in the USA
  • Box dimensions are approximately: 5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″
  • 2-year warranty on each controller box
  • XLR output pin1=AC, pin2=AC, pin3=tc+, pin4=tc-, pin5=ground