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    Smoking and technology go together like eggs and bacon, like peanut butter and jelly, like Bert and Ernie, like Abbott and Costello - you get the idea. Of course, we've always found one way or another to smoke our favorite herb. The classic rolling paper is one of the oldest, most tried-and-true ways to enjoy your smoke, being predated only by things like stone pipes and hand-carved wooden pipes. While there's nothing wrong with these classic smoking devices, modern weed smoking has gone leaps and bounds beyond these simple pieces - and with good reason. Bongs have developed into works of both art and science, being packed top-to-bottom with colorful percolators and intricate accessories that make your smoking easier and smoother than you can even imagine. We've also developed highly concentrated products - dabs, wax, shatter, etc. - that give you more bang for your buck than dry herb can, and the way we enjoy those concentrates has grown and changed as well. Whereas the only way to heat your banger or nail used to be with a dab torch, now we have futuristic-looking quartz e-nails that will heat your banger to the exact right temperature (no more guess work after heating up your rig!) These e-nails feature a barrel-shaped coil that your quartz banger is nestled inside of. Basically, you choose a temperature on your e-nail controller, give it a moment to work its magic, et voila, your banger is ready to dab just like normal. E-nails are a great option for serious dabbers, especially ones who tire of constantly refueling their torch or swapping out propane tanks. Grab yourself a quartz e-nail and take your dabbing to the next level!

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