e-nails Enail Rig Bundle | Ultimate Analog Package

Enail Rig Bundle | Ultimate Analog Package

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Enail Rig Bundle | Ultimate Analog Package:

My ultimate analog package gets you going with all of the function and style possible in one convenient and affordable package shipped from the USA.


  • Analog controller & power cord
  • 30mm coil and banger with pin fastener on bottom along with matching quartz insert included (add 24.99 for SiC)
  • Choice of free rigs: mini green or blue vortex rigs (5″ tall/14mm joint) or clear mini vortex rig (5″ tall/10mm joint w/ 10mm to 14mm adapter)
  • Add 29.99 for a larger 8″ (14mm) green or clear Klein rig
  • Q-tip and tool stand with expandable ports on bottom for more

    attachable holders

  • Dropdown rig to nail glass (heat isolator)
  • Choice of capper tools
  • Two free ruby pearls included!


  • Choice of recycler rigs which all eliminate splashing completely with the best style, function, and value
  • Best style, function and overall value
  • Heats safely and reliably to dabbing temps after just a couple of minutes (when dial is turned to “1PM”)
  • Turn the dial up a little over half-way and find your sweet spot for quick and solid temperature controls
  • Designed & assembled in Portland, Oregon
  • 2 year warranty on each

    analog controller

  • Controller designed, cut, & assembled in the USA