pipes Metal Sneak a Toke Pipe with Screens

Metal Sneak a Toke Pipe with Screens

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A sneak a toke pipe is the ultimate classic metal pipe that has been around for ages. This bullet shaped pipe has a top that screws off for easy loading. These are designed to be packed very tightly, and lit through the hole of the cap whenever you want to sneak away for a quick toke. This design is great because the herb does not stay lit long since it is enclosed. Our sneak a toke pipe comes in a variety of different colors so you and a friend can have different color pipes. 

This metal pipe is the iconic sneak a toke, a fan favorite. When it comes to metal pipes, this is definitely one of the most popular. It also comes with a pack of screens, so you don't have to waste time cleaning out any resin, just swap out the screen and you get a fresh pipe to use.


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  • Length: 1.75 Inches