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    Rolling papers (and blunt rolling papers) are the oldest, most tried-and-true, and perhaps best known of all weed smoking methods. Even bongs, iconic as they are, don't hold a candle to the time-honored joint. There are so many ways to go about rolling a great joint or blunt. Many people have even gone so far as to turn it into an art form, rolling tremendous eight-armed blunts, cross blunts shaped like squids, and even a joint shaped like a turkey (seriously - the neck was a joint filter). A lot of old school smokers prefer to roll a joint with no filters, and they've honed the skill and passed it on from generation to generation of budding young stoners. You may have even heard pre-rolled joint filters called a "crutch," because of how they help you shape your roll with ease. We're here to say there's no shame in rolling amazing joints with filters. Joint papers with filters aren't just quick and easy to roll with, they give you a cooler, smoother smoking experience. You can always go with pre-rolled RAW joint filters, or, if you know how to make your own joint filters, you can grab a pack of unrolled tips. That way you can customize your joint filters to whatever size you need (or you can roll some of those cool joint filters you've seen on Reddit and Instagram). If you're still worried about your friends judging, why not just buy joint filters here, along with some papers, and enjoy your filtered smokes judgment-free?

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