Vaporizers Pumpkin Silicone Jar With Octopus Lid

Pumpkin Silicone Jar With Octopus Lid

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Unlike much smaller dab containers, the 10ml Octopus Cover Silicone Dab Container will hold several waxes, thereby giving you more dabbing time alone or with your friends. Loading your wax inside the dab container is also a lot easier because of its spacious top opening design. All you have to do is hull your wax off the parchment paper or wrapper it comes in and transfer with ease into this spacious dab container.

With this ease of use, there is absolutely no way you will lose any of your favorite flavors to the container body or the parchment paper.

The fancy octopus head lid of this silicone dab container is airtight, meaning your stored concentrates will remain in the best possible condition and will never give any unpleasant or harsh scent even after keeping it in the dabber for a long period.

The impeccable artistry of combining silicone body and an inner glass compartment makes this octopus cover dabber one of the best concentrate containers for dabber lovers.