Screens / Filters / Gauzes Silicone Bowl 14mm/18mm

Silicone Bowl 14mm/18mm

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Unbreakable Nest Silicone Bowl 14mm/18mm
New Dual Use Design!! Fix most device on the market!

* Unbreakable Nest Silicone Bowl 14mm/18mm
* Interesting Design: Detachable silicone part is designed by famous designer. We have different design styles for the bowl.
* High-quality Food-Grade Silicone, Safety and odorless.
* Best Protection: Great improvement has been brought about in the service life of springs by our hot peening technique and solid chemical structure.
* Easy to clean: Silicone is detachable, convenience for cleaning.

Style: Nest
Color: Red/Black

Package Including: 
1 × Borosilicate Glass Bowl
1 × Non-stick Silicone Protection