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    If you've ever been hitting one of your buddy's hand pipes and caught a flaming hot Scooby snack - that is, the burning red hot, ashy, all-around terrible bit at the end of a bowl that shoots through the chamber with a distinctive *thoonk* followed usually by gagging and coughing - then you know all-too-well just how important screens and filters can be for your smoking experience. It may not seem like much at first, but once you've been burned (literally), you won't let yourself be burned again. Even if you typically use pipes with some means of percolation (like this silicone water pipe) and don't have to worry about gagging on Scooby snacks, you can also benefit from a filter in your bowl. Instead of losing the last hit or two through your diffused downstem, you'll get every single hit possible out of your hard-earned bud (it may be getting cheaper, but it certainly isn't free!) You can't go wrong with any sort of screen, whether you prefer mesh metal screens or glass jacks and honeycombs. While glass can be cleaned and reused, metal is significantly cheaper and can simply be replaced as need. Whichever way you go, you'll be glad you invested in some screens and filters the next time you sit down to smoke!

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