Water pipes Silicone Glass Dab Straw With Water Filter

Silicone Glass Dab Straw With Water Filter

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Perfect Nectar Collector that comes with the 10mm nail head so it heats up quickly and it gives you nice big hits. And it also holds water,  you can put the right amount of water(1/3 water will be perfect) in it with tipping it will stay in the collector without spilling. And with added water makes nice and smooth hits. The whole piece comes apart that makes it easy to store. This Silicone Glass Dab Straw With Water Filter is highly recommended by thousands of customers.

If you are not a fan of titanium, then pickup some

Quartz 10mm Tips

to use instead of the titanium tip. Quartz tip works absolutely great and is better for a multitude of reasons for seasoned wax users. But titanium will never ever break, so keep the titanium tip as your god-tier backup piece.

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